Oregon National Historic Trail

The Oregon National Historic Trail starts in Missouri and ends in Oregon, making its way through six states. The trail is more than 2,000 miles in length, and the route was discovered to be a much easier route for families to traverse if they wanted to be amongst the first travelers to settle out West. Still, this route took 10 months to travel, so it wasn’t easy for early Americans to migrate to Oregon. With so many American settlers making their home in the region, the British ceded the territory known as Oregon Country to the United States.

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RVers will love traveling along the Oregon National Historic Trail because it takes you past several historic sites that are interesting to explore. You can see the Chimney Rock National Historic Site, Fort Kearny State Historical Park, and Scotts Bluff National Monument in Nebraska. You can explore sites like the Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument, Hooper Springs Park, and Massacre Rocks State Park in Idaho. 

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The Missouri trailhead of the Oregon National Historic Trail is located in Lawrence, MO. To get to the trailhead from Kansas City, MO, take I-70 E and follow it to Exit 4C, which is 23rd Street. Turn left onto 23rd Street, and head south to South Cottage Street. In less than a mile, turn right onto West Pacific Avenue. Here, you will find the National Frontier Trails Museum where the Oregon National Historic Trail begins.


New Echota Historic Site, 1211 Georgia 225, Calhoun, Georgia 30701

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The Oregon National Historic Trail is an amazing path to follow, especially if you want to see what the early settlers of the area experienced during their migration west. This is a long trail that is over 2,000 miles. It cuts through six different states, and it goes near several national and state parks that are ideal for visiting in an RV. If you have time to travel this route, grab your RV and your favorite people, and make some memories that you won’t soon forget.