Nez Perce National Historical Park

Nez Perce National Historical Park covers 38 sites located in the states of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. In these lands, archeologists have found evidence of Nez Perce habitation dating back over 1,000 years. When you visit this historical park, you can see the places essential to the 1,200-mile flight of the Nez Perce people as they tried to escape capture from the U.S. Army in the late 1800s. Explore those sites and learn more about the culture of this tribe at this park that's headquartered in Lapwai, Idaho. 

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Things To Do Near Nez Perce National Historical Park

If you are starting your visit to Nez Perce from the east, stop and explore Bear Paw, where the first battle of the Nez Perce Flight of 1877 took place. You will also go through Canyon Creek, which is where Nez Perce soldiers kept American troops pinned down long enough for many of their people to escape, and Camas Meadow before you reach the sites closer to Lapwai. To learn more about the significance of these sites, you can take the auto audio tour of the areas. There are many short hiking trails available. Stop and explore the exhibits at the visitor centers in Spalding, Idaho, Wisdom, Montana, and Chinook, Montana. Each site regularly shows films about the events that happened at their particular location. 

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How To Get To Nez Perce National Historical Park

A great approach to seeing all that the Nez Perce National Monument has to offer at its 38 diverse sites is to follow the Nez Perce Auto Tour. This tour starts in Joseph, Oregon. If you are in Portland or another location to the west of Joseph, get on Interstate 84 East. Take exit 261, and turn right onto Oregon 82 East. This road makes some twists and turns, but keep following it until you reach Joseph and the Nez Perce Auto Tour starting point. Start at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture, a great place to learn more information about the different sites. Then, follow the brown-and-white signs to explore the sites spread across Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Oregon. 


Josephy Center for Arts and Culture, 402 North Main Street, Joseph, Oregon 97846

Fee: Entry fee $0

The Nez Prez National Monument is divided into 38 various sites related to the tribe. A great way to explore these sites is by driving along the Nez Perce Auto Tour. This tour is divided into eight different segments and runs for over 1,000 miles. To see it all, you will want to bring your RV so that you can easily move between one site and the next as many are in highly remote locations.