Scotts Bluff National Monument

Scotts Bluff National Monument offers around 3,000 acres of land that you can explore to discover the area's human, geological, and paleontological history. Scotts Bluff stands 800 feet over the North Platte River and served as a landmark for various travelers passing through the valley, including modern voyagers and Native Americans and emigrants on the California, Oregon, and Mormon Pioneer Trails. Besides the bluffs, you can take in scenic landscapes featuring mixed-grass prairie and rugged badlands during a tour of the site. The overland trail remnants enable you to retrace the path followed by past travelers. You can also visit the monument's visitor center to see a quality artworks collection depicting some tumultuous periods in American history. The park generally experiences high and dry summer temperatures with below freezing nighttime conditions in winter. 

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Things To Do Near Scotts Bluff National Monument

Using an RV is a convenient way of visiting the Scotts Bluff National Monument because the site features spacious lots for parking. You can also drive a compact RV along the Summit Road that leads you to the bluff's top, enabling you to have sweeping views of the land below. If traveling with family, you can also bring a pet since the monument permits leashed animals on all the pathways. The park includes a bike-friendly trail that you can explore for added fun during your visit. 

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How To Get To Scotts Bluff National Monument

To reach the Scotts Bluff National Monument from the Western Nebraska Regional Airport, take County Road 25 from the airport to Highland Road. Follow Highland Road and drive from NE-71 S/NE-92 S and Old Highway 92 to Gering. Turn right to the Scotts Bluff National Monument along the Old Oregon Trail. 

The visitor center operates daily throughout the year, with the Scotts Bluff summit accessible year-round at no charge. Note that the monument closes on New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. 


190276 Old Oregon Trail, Gering, NE 69341

Fee: Entry fee $0

Scotts Bluff National Monument offers everyone a chance to see the routes that Native Americans and emigrants followed and the marks they left behind. The site features multiple hiking pathways leading to the bluff's summit, delivering an adventurous opportunity to exercise while appreciating the beautiful and natural surroundings. Traveling to the monument in an RV is an excellent way of enjoying the park since you can bring family, friends, and pets to the welcoming trails. You can also access the grounds year-round, enabling you to drive conveniently to the bluff's top without weather restrictions.