Lowell National Historical Park

Explore the human stories behind the Industrial Revolution by visiting Lowell National Historical Park. See how the power of the dam and the six miles of canals were used to provide water power to the textile mill. Gain a better understanding of the shift that occurred from a rural to an urban society during your visit. Explore how the people lived and worshiped and how they were instrumental in many early movements, like anti-slavery, immigration, and women’s right to vote. There are also many beautiful natural sites to explore at this park in Lowell, Massachusetts. 

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Start your visit to Lowell National Historical Park with a boat, trolly, or walking tour. Then, rotate on to another one as each tour focuses on Lowell's different aspects of life. You can also join staff for a free Wellness on the Walkways event. Stick around until evening to join rangers on a short boat ride on the Potomac River. 

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How To Get To Lowell National Historical Park

Lowell National Historical Park is about 30 miles northwest of Boston, and it is easily accessible by getting on Interstate 93 North. Exit on 37 B and get on Interstate 95 South. Take Exit 50 A-50B for United States Highway 3. Get on that highway going north. This road does some twists and turns, and you should be sure to follow them until you reach Interstate 495 North. Follow it to Massachusetts 3A North. Get on Thorndike Street by turning left. Continue going straight on Dulton Street. Turn right on Merrimack Street and left on Kirk Street to reach the park. 


Lowell National Historical Park, 67 Kirk St, Lowell, Massachusetts 01852

Fee: Entry fee $0

Learn how the Industrial Revolution created jobs in America by visiting the Lowell National Historical Park. New industry allowed many to immigrate to the United States for work while Americans and earlier immigrants were promoted into higher-paying positions. Then, explore the surrounding area, which is full of plenty of opportunities for shopping and dining fun. There are many terrific museums to visit, so you can get a better understanding of life in Lowell at the start of the Industrial Revolution. The best way to explore this area is in an RV. Rent one on RVshare.com if you do not have your own.