First State National Historical Park

First State National Historical Park commemorates the fact that Delaware was the first state to ratify the United States Constitution. This park, created by President Obama, celebrates the diversity of cultures that lived peacefully together in the Delaware Valley. The park spreads across six separate sites, with each offering its unique perspective of why people needed freedom from persecution. 

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Things To Do Near First State National Historical Park

First State National Historical Park is divided into six sites. A great way to get an overview of this area’s scenic beauty is to go on a hike in the Brandywine Valley. Then, head to Fort Christiana and Old Swedes National Historic Site to learn about an early Swedish community. See where John Dickinson, the Penman of the American Revolution, lived. Explore Delaware’s first state capital and the Green at Dover where the U.S. Constitution and women’s right to vote were both passionately debated. 

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How To Get To First State National Historical Park

A great place to start your visit to First State National Historical Park is at the New Castle Court House. This building, which is one of the oldest courthouses in America, is filled with historical artifacts. You can get to New Castle Court House easily from Dover. Get on Kings Highway Southwest, which will become East Division Street before becoming Delaware 8. Turn left onto the Wilmington ramp, and follow Delaware 1 North. Use the left lane to exit onto U.S. 13 North. Turn right on Hamburg Road and left on Delaware 9 North. Keep going straight to get on South Street. Turn left on West 4th Street and right on Delaware Street. 


New Castle Court House Museum, 211 Delaware St., New Castle, DE 19720

Fee: Entry fee $0

Since First State National Historical Park is spread across several locations in Delaware and Pennsylvania, so bring an RV to make moving between locations easy. Plan on spending several days hiking and exploring these sights around Delaware’s original capital. Bringing your RV makes it easy to rest, and you can prepare your meals so that you're fueled up and ready to learn more about these early American sites that were important to the signing of the U.S. Constitution.