Weir Farm National Historical Park

Located in Wilton, CT, Weir Farm National Historical Park includes over 60 acres of beautiful woods, waterways, and fields. The park's main attractions are the home and studios of the beloved American Impressionist artist J. Alden Weir. Weir called this the "Great Good Place," and it's easy to see why as it was home to three generations of American artists. Today, it stands as one of the last remaining landscapes of American art and historic preservation. By taking a self-guided tour of the grounds, you'll get to enjoy the Weir and Young Studios, gardens, Weir Pond, and multiple barns.

Things to Do

Things To Do Near Weir Farm National Historical Park

While there is currently no accommodation in the parking lot for buses, RVs, and other large vehicles, RVers can reach out to determine local camping spots or places to park when you visit. If you have a younger child, you might consider having them spend a half-day at the Weir Farm site. They can join the Junior Ranger program and complete activities to get a badge and then a patch. The park is also known for its Take Part in Art program, which lets visitors indulge their inner artists. This is a fun way to connect to the legacy of Weir Farm; you can have your children sit down to capture the scenery that's around them the way thousands of painters did for over 130 years. 

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How To Get To Weir Farm National Historical Park

It's not possible to park your RV at the National Historical Park. You can contact the park to get information on alternative spots where you can detach your trailer or park your RV. 

If you're traveling from the North, take I-87 to Exit 3 to get to Route 7 South in Danbury. From the West, you'd take I-287 to I-684 North and then leave it at Exit 6 for Route 35 East into Ridgefield. If you're traveling from the Southwest, take Merritt Parkway to I-95 (getting off at Exit 15), or go to Exit 39B until you reach Route 7 North in Norwalk. From the East, take Merritt Parkway to I-95 until your reach Exit 17 or get off at Exit 41. Go right so that you follow Route 7 North around seven miles until you get to the Branchville section of Ridgefield.


735 Nod Hill Road, Wilton, CT 06897

Fee: Entry fee $0

Whether you're visiting as a teacher, with loved ones, or on your own, Weir Farm National Historical Park is a wonderful place to enjoy art, nature, and history. You'll learn about Julien Weir and other generations of his family, as well as other artists who have lived and worked at this site. Travel by RV to this area and stay at a local campground or find a spot to park for a few hours or to unhitch your trailer. You can visit museums, nature preserves, hiking trails, and shops to pick up your necessities.