California National Historic Trail

In the 1840s and 1850s, thousands of immigrants made their way to California's rich farmlands and the gold mines discovered in 1848. The mass migration saw various groups use different routes to find the best route to California. Most immigrants made their way to California through the Nobles trail, the Lassen trail, the Yreka trail, and the Applegate trail, all of which are currently managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). In 1992, the historic California National Historic Trail was designated to commemorate the westward migration taken by the farmers, settlers, and miners on horseback or in covered wagons. As you retrace the footsteps of the immigrants who crossed various states in search of greener pastures, you will get to see the historic attractions and the remnants of the original wagons, and you will learn how this westbound migration united the country.

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The California National Historic Trail offers hiking trails that will take you back in history. Retrace the steps of thousands of settlers, miners, and farmers who walked this famous trail on their journeys to California. Along the trail, you will find several visitor centers and fascinating museums with interesting historic exhibits and more information about the trail's history. You can also enjoy the beautiful landscapes and views on horseback. This historic ride will help you better connect with the story of the emigrants who rode along the trail on horseback in the 19th century. Alternatively, you can go biking, auto touring along the historic trail, or camping in an RV since the trail is wide enough for large vehicles, making it ideal for RV users.

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If you are leaving Los Angeles for California National Historic Trail, drive along State Route 299, heading west to US Route 395 at Alturas. Head south onto Route 395, and then turn west toward State Route 36. Follow State Route 32 to the south, and then join State Route 99, which is to the North, and you will find the trail's end a few miles down the road.


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There is no better way to understand the history behind the famous California National Historic Trail than by visiting this interesting and picturesque trail to gawk at the outstanding landmarks and attractions that are part of America's rich history and culture. You can make your trip more memorable by camping at one of the designated campsites in a cozy RV.