Arkansas Post National Memorial

Tucked between two huge waterways in eastern Arkansas is a beautiful piece of local history. The Arkansas Post National Memorial is located between Little Post Bayou and Post Bend near Gillett and Pendleton. The weather is mild throughout the year, and the abundance of wildlife and natural beauty make this area a fascinating spot to explore.

Things to Do

Things To Do Near Arkansas Post National Memorial

The Arkansas Post was established in 1686 as a trading post on the lower Mississippi River. French and Spanish people traded with the Quapaw Indians. In the present day, it is a monument rich in history and natural beauty. You can hike the trails and enjoy unique plants like the American lotus. There is plenty of wildlife like deer, raccoons, or alligators, and if you are a bird watcher, you will enjoy a variety of migratory and resident birds like bald eagles, turkey, and waterfowl.

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How To Get To Arkansas Post National Memorial

The Arkansas Post National Memorial is about an hour and a half southeast of Little Rock, Arkansas. From there, take Interstate 530 south to Pine Bluff. Then head east on Interstate 65 to the small town of Gould. Go through Gould and head east on Interstate 212. Follow that highway to Pendleton. From Pendleton, take Highway 1 up to the Arkansas Post Museum. Then follow Highway 169 east to reach the Arkansas Post National Memorial. The park is open from 8 a.m. until dark and only closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.


1741 Old Post Road, Gillett, AR 72055

Fee: Entry fee $0

Visiting Arkansas Post National Memorial is a must if you are near the state. Not only will you learn and experience the rich history of the area, but you can enjoy the vast array of outdoor activities as well. This monument covers a huge area, so traveling by RV gives you the flexibility to explore all it has to offer as you enjoy your walk in the past.