Navajo National Monument

Established in 1909, the Navajo National Monument was created to preserve the ruins of three pueblo villages dating back to the 13th century. The pueblos were built into large, naturally occurring recesses within the large sandstone structures of the canyons. This provided shelter from the elements and access to fresh flowing water from natural springs. Today, the ruins of the pueblos are part of the Navajo National Monument, and visitors can experience the history of the area and the Native American culture that still thrives within the local communities. 

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Set against the stunning backdrop of the American Southwest, the Navajo National Monument offers visitors the unique opportunity to visit the remains of structures abandoned since the 13th century. Today, local Native Americans showcase their craftsmanship and share the story of their people, history, and culture. Hiking trails offer stunning views, and local lakes provide plenty of opportunities for boating and fishing.

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How To Get To Navajo National Monument

The Navajo National Monument is located just off US Highway 160 at the end of State Highway 564. 

From Shonto, AZ: Take Indian Route 6325. Turn right onto Indian Route 221. Follow Indian Route 221 until you reach the monument. 

From Tonalea, AZ: Take Indian Route 21 to US-160 E/Navajo Trail. Turn left onto US-160 E/Navajo Trail. Continue to follow US-160 E/Navajo Trail for 30 miles. Turn left onto AZ-564 N. Follow AZ-564 N until you reach the monument. 


AZ-564, Shonto, AZ 86054

Fee: Entry fee $0

The Navajo National Monument is a uniquely preserved slice of Native American History that allows visitors to imagine what life was like for those long-ago people while learning about the culture of their descendants. Nearby lakes offer fishing and boating, and nearby parks boast additional hiking trails and historical markers. With so much nature and history to explore, the Navajo National Monument is a must-see on your RV trip through the Southwest.