RV Dump Stations Aztec, New Mexico

Aztec is a city in the very northwest corner of New Mexico that attracts a great number of RVers due to its 10 city parks, as well as the Aztec Ruins National Monument, Dinetah Pueblitos, Lynbrook Badlands and the Aztec Arches. If you are entering the state and looking for an RV dump site in Aztec, you have a great option at RoadRunner Fuels.

Aztec RV Dump Stations

1. RoadRunner Fuels

  • 30 a.m. – 9
RoadRunner Fuels is conveniently located off Interstate 550, just south of Interstate 515. It provides gas, a convenience store and dumping facilities. If you happen to be a race fan, be sure to check out the Aztec Speedway, which is about 1 mile south of the RoadRunner dump station.
Additional Info
Pricing: Under $10
Licensed from Sanidumps.com

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