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Code 3 RV Rentals is not associated with RVshare. This page is simply a resource, providing more information on all RV rental options, including Code 3 RV Rentals.

Thinking About Renting From Code 3 RV Rentals?

Southern California is an excellent and often-underrated RV destination. Though it is perhaps most well known for its urban draws, there are plenty of things to see and do in the surrounding region, like hiking San Bernardino or Joshua Tree National Park, road tripping through the Palm Desert, and more.

Of course, Los Angeles and San Diego are popular for good reason, and when traveling in an RV, cities are perfectly doable. Set up in a nearby campground or RV park and explore the urban landscape. Both cities are famous for their vibrant culinary scenes, and each has interesting attractions worth a visit: San Diego has a world-renowned Zoo, Sea World, and the Gaslamp historic district, while Los Angeles has Hollywood and Disneyland, among other sites.

If you’re considering renting an RV in Southern California, you may want to consider renting from Code 3 RV in Temecula, CA.

Code 3 RV is a hybrid RV rental service that operates in a unique space between that of a traditional RV rental dealership and that of a peer-to-peer rental platform – though the service arguably veers closer to the traditional model.

How does it work?

Code 3 RV provides an RV rental service localized to the Southern California region. When you rent through Code 3 RV, you can select from available listings on their website. Some of the RVs are dealership-owned, while some are owned by local RV owners who are “allowing” Code 3 RV to rent out their vehicles for a fee.

Because the RV offering at Code 3 RV is at least partially provided by local owners, the RV selection tends to be a bit better than that of competing dealerships. Do bear in mind, however, that the final rental pricing is still set by Code 3 RV, not by the owner. As such, the benefits of involving owners in the rental process is limited primarily to improved RV selection.

Code 3 RV Rental Reviews

Code 3 RV enjoys reasonably positive reviews on Yelp, with a 4-star rating from 52 reviews. Reviewers consistently noted the friendly and helpful customer service provided by employees.

One reviewer wrote, “Raz was awesome and gave us a very detailed tour of our unit and again, he made sure to answer all our questions no matter how redundant they were. Thank you code 3 RV for your fast and friendly service.”

Another wrote, “Used these folks twice before I bought my own RV and they were on the spot. Coach delivered to the requested site on time. Setup and communication were great, and the team was friendly. What more can you say? If you want to rent an RV, code 3 RV has my endorsement.”

One reviewer praised the simplicity of the rental process, “The convenience of looking at what they had available on their website made my life a whole lot easier. Once I found the Travel Trailer that I wanted, reserving it was simple. I just had to call them. The TT we got was super clean and nice. It has all the features we wanted.”

Code 3 RV Information

Code 3 RV Rentals and Repair is located at 42046 Rio Nedo Rd. in Temecula, CA, within driving distance of Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Bernardino. Operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM, and Saturday and Sunday, 10AM-3PM. To get in contact with Code 3 RV, call (951) 234-0203 or visit their website directly at code3rv.com.

Code 3 RV Services and Rental Offering

Code 3 RV theoretically offers a wide variety of RVs in comparison to standard dealerships, though availability may be a bit more limited due to the fact that the dealership operates only in the Southern California region (and as there are fewer owners aware of and working with Code 3 RV to rent out their own RVs).

Besides the variety of RVs on offer, there are two unique services that Code 3 RV provides to renters: 1) RV delivery, and 2) mobile repair.

Delivery is rather straightforward. When reserving your RV, simply request a delivery to any location in Southern California. If approved, the RV will be delivered straight to the location. This could be useful for renters whose RV trip does not naturally pass through Temecula. Instead, you can have the RV delivered to the true starting point of your trip.

Mobile repair could be useful if you are planning on traveling with your RV only in the Southern California region. If you have any mechanical issues, you can request that Code 3 RV’s mobile repair service come to your location and fix the problem.

Do bear in mind that the mobile repair service will be an additional cost – it does not come with the rental package. Further, the mobile repair service has limited range and does not cover the entire Southern California region. Check with Code 3 RV to confirm whether your destinations will be within range for coverage.

The RVshare Rental Alternative

If you’re looking to rent from Code 3 RV, consider renting from RVshare instead.

RVshare is a peer-to-peer RV rental platform that upends the traditional dealership model. Prospective renters can browse thousands of owner listings – not just in Southern California, but all over the world – and directly connect with owners to further negotiate on cost, services, and other aspects of the rental package.

The RVshare platform offers significant benefits to renters. Owners are incentivized to price their RVs competitively, there is a massive, incomparable RV selection to suit any renter’s needs, and RVshare provides additional customer service support such as 24/7 roadside assistance to help you along the way.

Though Code 3 RV provides a good service, RVshare empowers renters to browse, compare, and reserve from the best selection of RVs in the world, and for the lowest prices.

Good luck!