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AAA RV Rental – RV Rental Discounts

If you're currently deciding whether to rent an RV, you may also be wondering whether joining AAA as a member would be beneficial for your trip from a financial or travel support perspective. Though the benefits of membership have to be considered in light of your own particular needs and circumstances, AAA membership has a lot to offer RVers, especially those who are planning on longer trips.

Standard AAA Plan Benefits for RVers

AAA provides several tiers of membership (classic, plus, plus RV, premier, and premier RV), each with increasing benefits corresponding to the increased cost of membership. Though there are specific membership plans that provide additional coverage for RVs – such as the plus RV and premier RV plans – the “generic” plans come with many useful benefits to RVers as well.

If you’re interested in joining AAA as a member, speak with a AAA representative to confirm prices for your region. Membership costs differ from region to region (it is important to note, however, that most membership benefits are applicable on a national level), so it is best to confirm prices with a local representative. Generally speaking, membership costs increase from 25% to 50% per tier upgrade.

Travel and RV Discounts

AAA membership (regardless of the type of plan) provides access to significant discounts at over 150,000 locations worldwide. These include – but are not limited to – discounts on campground overnight stays, RV rentals, tires, tools, generators, and other RV supplies/equipment, and tickets to recreational activities such as theme parks, movies, tourist attractions, tours, and more. It's quite easy to get a AAA discount RV rental, no matter where you're traveling to and from!

The vast majority of RV trips require expenditures that may qualify for discounts available through AAA membership. In fact, AAA discounts are so pervasive that your membership fees are very likely to be covered by the additional savings.

Trip Planning Services

When planning an RV trip, there are many unique considerations that you should try to keep in mind. Certain roads (urban, country) and campgrounds may be inaccessible to medium and large-sized RVs, and you’ll have to plan your daytime destinations with an accompanying overnight stay at a campground or RV parking area. You may also want to drive on a more scenic route – even if it takes longer than the alternative – so that the journey is as beautiful and interesting as the destination. If you are a newcomer to RVing, successfully planning an RV trip to take into account all these factors can be time-consuming and a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, AAA membership services offer a benefit that simplifies this process.

AAA membership gives you access to free trip and route planning services, which can be incredibly useful for those who are unaccustomed to the RVing experience. If you need planning assistance, an AAA agent will sit with you and help you plan your trip from top-to-bottom: identifying campgrounds, driving routes, and worthwhile destinations.

Emergency Fuel Delivery

Regardless of what plan you have, AAA membership entitles you to emergency fuel delivery in case you run out of gas and are not located close to a gas station. Bear in mind, however, that you will be charged a fee for emergency fuel delivery if you are on the Classic plan. If you have an upgraded plan, on the other hand, you will be given free fuel, but only as much as necessary for you to drive to the nearest gas station.

AAA RV Plan Benefits

Roadside assistance and towing services are available to all AAA members, but if you are renting an RV, then you will only have access to such services from AAA if you specifically join as an RV plan member (either plus RV or premier RV). AAA is popular among RVers in large part because of their impressive roadside assistance coverage, but this coverage may be unnecessary if you rent through the RVshare online platform. When renting an RV through the RVshare platform, you will be entitled to excellent 24/7 roadside assistance free of charge.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is perhaps the most important benefit provided to AAA members. You can make up to 4 free service calls annually (you will be charged a fee for each service call after your initial allocation is used up). If you are paying for an RV plan, AAA roadside assistance includes, but is not limited to, the following services:

Towing Services

Depending on the tier of your RV membership plan, you will be given a free 100 or 200-mile tow once per year. Additional tows will be charged.


If you are locked out of your RV, a AAA roadside assistant will attempt to unlock an entryway. If the locksmithing ends in failure, you will have the option of towing the RV instead (though it may come at an additional fee if you have already used up your free annual tow).

Battery Services

In the event that your battery fails, roadside assistance will either help to jump-start the battery or replace it. The battery must – at the very least – meet the original battery’s specifications, so you need not worry that the replacement battery will be substandard.

RV Removal

It’s not unlikely – if you are traveling in bad weather or if you take a wrong turn in a rural area – for your RV to get stuck. If your RV cannot be moved by normal means, you can have it unstuck by AAA roadside assistance. They will assist with clearing the roadway and removing your RV. If additional assistance is necessary to clear the roadway and get the RV moving again, then you may be charged additional fees.