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Wawaloam Campground

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One of the campgrounds in Providence, Rhode Island, worth checking out for your next RV vacation is Wawaloam Campground. This campground has been in existence since 1969, and the owners still strive to make it a favorite stop for campers no matter their age. Friday night dinners and Sunday morning breakfasts are also quite popular here.

Why You’ll Love Wawaloam Campground

You’ll love the fact that this campground has not only a pool, but a splash park and a double-flume water slide as well. If you are looking for more organized activities, these typically take place on Saturdays throughout the camping season, but they include things like an annual glow party, a decades party and comedy nights.

What People Are Saying About Wawaloam Campground

“Best campground ever! Been coming here for 24 years. Our children grew up with our camping experiences as a very important part of their lives. Nicole and the family are the best owners and hosts. Worth every cent spent year after year. Highly recommend it to all!” –Pam, Google Reviews

“Still a super fun place! Came here as a kid and it’s maintained its charm 🙂 Spectacular pool, brand new pool chairs, the slides are a blast and even a kids water area! The grounds are clean and well maintained.” – Brooke, Google Reviews

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