RV Rentals near Palm Drive Mobile Home & RV Park Wickenburg, Arizona

Palm Drive Mobile Home & RV Park

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This RV park also features mobile homes. It is relatively small, and it is located in the middle of town. Many of the guests are full-time residents.

Why You’ll Love Palm Drive Mobile Home & RV Park

This is a great place to stay if you want to be part of a small community. Everyone knows everyone at Palm Drive Mobile Home & RV Park. This means that you can count on neighborly assistance if you need help with anything.

What People Are Saying About Palm Drive Mobile Home & RV Park

“I think that this is a cute cozy little place, and I like the activities that it provides for its renters. I also feel like its fair priced compared to some of the other mobile parks that are around.” – Alia, Google Review

“Couldn’t ask for better managers. The residents are also very accommodating and quickly make my new house a home. Surrounded by good peaceful. people.” – War Robots, Google Review

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