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Paliku Campsite

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Paliku Campsite is a remote campground in Haleakala National Park. The campsites at are offered on a first come, first serve basis, and stays are limited to three nights. Since Paliku Campsite is high in the mountains, it offers some truly incredible views.

Why You’ll Love Paliku Campsite

Even though Paliku Campsite is remote, running water is offered on-site. The area surrounding this campground is cool and lush, and the campsite itself is at the base of a cliff. You’ll love watching clouds roll through your campsite every morning when you stay at Paliku Campsite.

What People Are Saying About Paliku Campsite

“I reached the campsite area next to Paliku cabin late that afternoon after covering the 9.3 miles. Though a long day, this hike was only moderate difficulty given the first miles are all downhill. The only challenge was the blazing sun (I even had to wear gloves as my hands were burning), and the sharp and often loose volcanic material that can be tough to walk on at times.” – Rayn659, TripAdvisor Review

“Both Holua and Paliku were equipped with running (albeit unfiltered) water, an outhouse a few hundred feet away, toilet paper and soap, a dozen bunk beds with very comfortable pads, and a large center table.” – Jainep, TripAdvisor Review

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