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Oregon Motel 8 & RV Park

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Oregon Motel 8 & RV Park is unique in that it is a combination hotel and RV park in southern Oregon. If you’re looking for campgrounds near Klamath Falls, Oregon, this one is worth checking out. The RV park is located in the hills behind the hotel.

Why You’ll Love Oregon Motel 8 & RV Park

Oregon Motel 8 and RV Park is a family-oriented campground near Crater Lake National Park, Lake of the Woods, Lava Beds National Monument and Kingsley Field. Enjoy a recreation room with two pool tables, cable TV, a foosball table, cable TV, coin-operated laundry and a visiting area. You’ll have the amenities of the adjacent hotel, which makes staying here very convenient for RV campers.

What People Are Saying About Oregon Motel 8 & RV Park

“Cute hotel that I happened upon unexpectedly when I became too tired to drive. It was 3 a.m. when I checked in and the staff was nice enough to wake up and get me settled in a room. The bed was comfortable, there were lots of pillows and everything was neat and tidy. There was a free continental breakfast the next morning as well (with waffles!!) A great value for the size and quality of the room. The only minor complaint I have is that it took a long time for the hot water to reach my room. But that is just the nature of the winter season. Once the hot water was there it was very hot and made my day.” – Amanda, from Google Review

“Located approximately 5 miles north of Klamath Falls, on the right side of Highway 97, nestled in a Grove of weeping willow trees and Aspen’s, providing heat protection for the motel and the centrally located swimming pool. Located directly across the highway is a convenience store and a gas station, immediately north of that is a restaurant and another motel. All located conveniently close to the historic downtown Klamath Falls district and the shopping areas.” – Alex, from Google Review

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