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Cheesequake State Park Campground

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As a trailer park near Jersey City, New Jersey, Cheesequake State Park Campground is a unique throwback to the days before and during colonization. Once you see this park, you realize the reason New Jersey is called “The Garden State.” In this park, you get a glance at what New Jersey used to be.

Why You’ll Love Cheesequake State Park Campground

For an RV enthusiast, this park is about as “rugged” as it gets. Although some amenities are available, you can cook over a fire, sleep to bird chirps, and watch small fiddler crabs move about searching for food. Kayaking is available here as is fishing and boating.

What People Are Saying About Cheesequake State Park Campground

“SO MUCH WILDLIFE! When we came back to camp around 8, we saw tons of crepuscular animals — foxes and raccoons and such. Obviously, you’ll want to secure and/or hoist your food when you turn in. It’s wilder than you would imagine from the great proximity to NYC and the very busy corridor it’s in.” – Nikita, TripAdvisor Review

“The whole beautiful day you can spend at the lake hiking and just relaxing. They offer a beautiful lake beach front. It is very inexpensive to get in, and the grounds are amazing. The trails are spectacular.” – Debra, TripAdvisor Review

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