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Camp Maluhia

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Camp Maluhia is owned by the Boy Scouts of America. This campground is on Maui’s north coast, and it is a perfect location for group camping. This campground does not rent out to private individuals for single reservations. Rentals are limited to larger groups that include other non-profits ie church or youth groups, schools, and or other community groups or private organizations. Camp Maluhia includes a huge dining hall, and there is a kitchen on-site.

Why You’ll Love Camp Maluhia

Camp Maluhia is the only campground on Maui to feature a swimming pool. This campground also includes a shooting range, and there is a recreational field on-site. To top it off, the kitchen at Camp Maluhia has three full freezers.

What People Are Saying About Camp Maluhia

“An amazing, peaceful camp. You can jump into the swimming pool after a hike.” – Christian, Google Review

“Rustic but great location. Good people.” – Pete, Google Review

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