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Brunswick Family Campground

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Located just 15-minutes out from Frederick, this campground sits between the Potomac River and C&O Cal tiol Historic Park. The campground is secluded, scenic, and serene. When you camp here, you’ll be sandwiched between the historic site of Harper’s Ferry and Washington, D.C.

Why You’ll Love Brunswick Family Campground

The Brunswick Family Campground is ideally located for Civil War history buffs. Sections of Harper’s Ferry have been reconstructed to resemble the area during John Brown’s rebellion in 1859. The Antietam Battlefield, which is only 25 minutes away, is a great place to take your kids for an educatiol experience.

What People Are Saying About Brunswick Family Campground

“Upon arrival Jen met us at the gate since we were late getting there. Not only were we late, but my son had not shown up yet with the camper, his daughter had a late soccer game. So that left, me, my daughter-in-law, and there two daughters 11 and 14 months. It was dark and getting cold and the baby was ready for bed. Jen and now the mager Bonnie came over to help. They expressed concern and without hesitation put us up in a vacant cabin until my son arrived, 2 hours later. Without their kindness and understanding we would have had to rent a motel room. They stopped by and made sure we had everything we needed and were warm.” – Jen, TripAdvisor Review

“Spent the weekend here. Great campground. The grounds and facilities were very clean. The staff was friendly and attentive. It is conveniently located to many activities and historical attractions.” – Lorelei, TripAdvisor Review

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