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Bolsa Chica State Beach Campground

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If you’re lucky enough to get a reservation to Bolsa Chica State Beach Campground, you’ll get to enjoy a beach and campground that are among the most popular in Orange County. In the heart of Huntington Beach, this campground is part of the Bolsa Chica State Beach that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. They come for the surfing, walking, fishing, volleyball, and bicycling.

Why You’ll Love Bolsa Chica State Beach Campground

Camping near the ocean is an experience that all water-loving RVers should have at least once. This beach is broad and stretches for miles. Even if you don’t plan to participate in every activity offered at the beach, you can easily and comfortably watch them from the shore.

What People Are Saying About Bolsa Chica State Beach Campground

“Excellent location right in Huntington Beach. The beach views are beautiful. You are also camping right next to the new Sea Legs At The Beach, so there is a wine bar right down the street.” – Ilya S., Yelp Review

“Just got back from running along the beach path. It simply can’t be beat. An awesome place to work out, relax or do whatever you want.” – SilverPenguin, TripAdvisor Review

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