Why should you get an LLC for your RV rental business?

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Every RV owner loves the freedom to drive off on a new adventure in their home away from home. But paying for RV financing, maintenance, storage, and seasonal preparations can get expensive. You could offset those costs by starting an RV rental business. By renting out your RV, you can give other people the chance to follow their wanderlust while you earn extra income.

Why Should I Start an RV Rental Business?

More and more savvy owners know that RV renting can be a good stream of passive income. If you rent your RV, you can also make up some of the ongoing expenses of ownership, like maintenance costs, while continuing to enjoy those RV camping trips. Let’s dig in a little deeper on the benefits of starting an RV rental business.

More Money = More RV Road Trips

Those who own RV rental businesses know that the best way to spend more time on the road is by earning money while you’re not. By starting an RV rental business, you can earn money on rental fees that you can put toward your next big adventure. The amount you earn is up to you! It depends on how frequently you lease to RV renters, the age and condition of your RV or camper, and how well you advertise to prospective renters.

Recoup Vehicle Maintenance Costs

RV enthusiasts know that ownership is more than a road trip every camping season . While most RV owners would prefer to spend more time on the “r” in “recreational vehicle,” they know that the costs involved in having an RV add up quickly. By putting up your RV for rent, you can have more money for oil changes, insurance costs, a storage lot, and other charges that pop up.

Save Money on Taxes and Still Hit Your Favorite RV Parks

The truth is, you typically have at least a week or two of notice before taking a trip, so scheduling with potential RV renters shouldn’t impact how you normally use your RV. Even more enticing? You may be eligible for  tax deductions and other benefits associated with renting when you don’t have an RV road trip planned.

Pay Off Your RV Loan Faster

If you’re still paying off your RV, it makes sense to form an LLC and start a rental business. Having an RV rental is a great way to keep the most amount of money in your pocket while enjoying all of the benefits of ownership. The extra income could help you pay off your vehicle sooner rather than later.

Thinking about Starting an RV Rental Business of Your Own?

We’ve gone over the benefits of starting your own RV rental business. Your RV business can provide you with more money, it can cover necessary vehicle maintenance costs, and you can potentially get tax deductions by making your RV business official. It just makes sense to put your RV to work for you!

To get the ball rolling, your checklist is simple:

  1. Find the RV of your dreams (if you haven’t already): You don’t have to spend huge sums of money on the best camper in the RV fleet to get your rental business started. Check online RV listing pages to find a good deal on a used RV. Be sure to inspect your purchase before you spend the money. Of all of your potential business expenses, buying the right RV is the biggest and most important.
  2. Form an LLC: Why form an LLC for your RV rental business? A limited liability company, or LLC, is a business entity that legally separates your personal assets/income/expenses from your business assets/income/expenses. RV LLCs have two key benefits: tax breaks and asset protection. More on the benefits of forming an LLC for your RV rental business later on.
  3. Join RVshare: The typical RV sits unused for 90 percent of the year. With RVshare, you can help other RV enthusiasts enjoy more camp sites, sporting events, and natural wonders while you earn extra income. Why not put that 90 percent down time to good use? RVshare connects the best potential renters with the best RVs to make the most memorable trips every day. We help you, the RV owner, connect with more renters so you can make the most money possible and enjoy a profitable RV rental business.

How Does Forming an RV LLC Help Me?

The benefits of forming an LLC for your RV rental business are big. You can write off eligible business expenses related to starting and running your RV rental. There are other tax perks that can help you put more money in your pocket and further enjoy the life of an RV enthusiast.

Start Up Cost + Business Expenses = Tax Deductions

The IRS allows small business owners to deduct a portion of their qualifying start up costs. Additionally, the money you make renting out your RV is considered taxable income. Your tax professional can help you identify certain business write-offs that may mitigate the tax bill you’re responsible for paying.

Business Income Can Fund RV Upkeep

LLCs have the advantage of income distribution, meaning that an RV owner can easily use funds from their RV rental business bank account to pay for vehicle repairs and regular upkeep costs. This allows the business to fund  the maintenance. You may also be able to  claim the maintenance as a business tax write-off.

Open a Business Bank Account and Credit Card

LLC owners have the option of opening up a business credit card that can be used to build credit and designate business-specific spending toward RV repairs and upgrades. Of course, you’ll also benefit from that upkeep every time you use your RV for personal travel.

Additionally, by using a business bank account to keep your personal assets separate from your LLC income, you’ll have an easier time filing your taxes. That’s because you’ll already have separate accounts for your personal assets and your business’s expenses.

How does an LLC better protect my assets?

In addition to carrying business insurance, an LLC can better safeguard your personal assets in case someone seeks damages against you. It can serve as  a barrier between your personal assets, like your checking and savings accounts, home, and vehicles, and any judgments. Without an LLC, your personal assets could be fair game.

How do I form an LLC?

ZenBusiness is a leader in helping small businesses file their LLCs, keep track of their business finances, pay taxes, and stay compliant with state business regulations. The company has an excellent 4.7 star rating on Trust Pilot across more than 9,000 reviews and was again recognized as THE best  LLC formation service in the country for a second year in a row by Forbes Advisor with an astounding 4.9 star rating.

ZenBusiness can help RV owners like you protect both your recreational investment and your personal assets by taking care of the LLC filing process for you. If you want to DIY filing your RV rental business formation documents, understand that the requirements and costs to form LLCs vary from state to state. Each state also requires that you file Articles of Organization (or that state’s equivalent) and hire a registered agent.

Fortunately, ZenBusiness makes it simple to form an LLC wherever you’re located. As an RVshare member, you already have peace of mind knowing your financial transactions and private information are protected by the platform. By securing LLC status to rent out your RV, you’re able to maximize both your tax benefits and your overall return on investment.

RVshare members also receive an exclusive discount on ZenBusiness LLC formation services, so there’s never been a better time to form your LLC.

RVshare and ZenBusiness: The Perfect Pairing When It Comes to RV Rentals

When it comes to learning more about renting out your RV, the experts at RVshare already offer a ton of useful information for RV owners. And now that RVshare and ZenBusiness have teamed up, you can learn everything there is to know about starting an LLC. To claim your special discount and find more details about forming your RV LLC, visit ZenBusiness today.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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