Top 9 Amusement Parks in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire is a state that is often overlooked, but well worth visiting. It’s a stunning state with plenty of amazing hiking trails and outdoor activities. On top of that, it also has some pretty great museums. Another thing the state has plenty of? New Hampshire amusement parks!

There are several fantastic amusement parks in New Hampshire. Enough that anyone should have plenty of parks to fill an entire summer with fun. The only problem? Deciding which parks you should add to your trip now and which you should save for next time. We’re here to help with that!

New Hampshire Amusement Parks

Traditional amusement parks, family amusement centers, and waterparks, are all available in the great state of New Hampshire. No matter which type of New Hampshire amusement park you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something that fits the bill below. 

Here are our favorite amusment parks in New Hampshire!

  • Santa’s Village and Waterpark at Santa’s Village 
  • Story Land
  • FunWorld
  • Chuckster’s Family Fun Park
  • Whale’s Tale Water Park
  • Water Country 
  • Kahuna Laguna Waterpark
  • Candia Springs Adventure Park and Waterpark
  • Castaway Island at Canobie Lake Park

Obviously, simply knowing the names of the parks you want to visit is only the beginning. You’ll need to know a lot more than that to plan a trip, so let’s dive a bit deeper. Below, we’ve included information on each of our favorite New Hampshire amusement parks, so you can start planning right away. 

Santas Village and Waterpark at Santa’s Village 

Nothing is quite as magical as Christmastime when you’re a kid. Therefore, it only makes sense to capture that magic and put it into a theme park to make an incredible place when it’s Christmas all year round. This is exactly what Santa’s Village theme park in Jefferson is. 

This super fun park features a chance to meet reindeer, Santa’s home, and even a reindeer blacksmith shop where you can receive a special complimentary gift. Rides include bumper cars, spinning drums, a Ferris wheel, flying sleighs, and a chimney drop ride. 

Santa’s Village also features a waterpark area. This section of the park includes a huge Christmas-themed water playground with slides, a dump bucket, interactive water features, and more. The JOY Ride Slidesprovide more thrilling fun to older visitors and the splash pad is perfect for toddlers. Be sure to rent one of Santa’s cabanas, so you can stay cool and comfortable all day. 

RV Camping Near Santa’s Village and Waterpark at Santa’s Village 

Obviously, you will need a place to stay while you have a blast in Santa’s Village. For this, we think your best bet is bringing your camper along. There are plenty of RV parking options nearby, but our favorite is listed below. 

The Lantern Resort – The Lantern Resort is the official campground of Santa’s Village. It is located within walking distance of the park, meaning it’s easy to have amusement park fun from morning to night. The campground itself has multiple pools and playgrounds, themed weekends, and more. It’s definitely the best place to stay when visiting the park. 

Rent an RV near Santa’s Village and Waterpark at Santa’s Village!

Planning Your Trip to Santa’s Village and Waterpark at Santa’s Village 

The cost to see Santa’s Village depends on the time of year you plan to visit. General admission summertime tickets start at $43, but there are discounts for seniors and military members. Kids 3 and under enter for free. Costs for the Fall FEASTival are a bit higher with adult tickets coming in at $62 and kid tickets starting at $52.

As mentioned above, cabana rentals are available at the waterpark. Parking is free. Picnics are allowed to be carried into the park. That said, there are so many good things to eat inside the park gates you might be tempted to buy those instead. 

Story Land

Another absolutely fantastic family amusement park in NEw Hampshire, Story Land is located in Glen, NH. As the name suggests, this park has a totally adorable storybook theme, making it perfect for families with young children, especially those who enjoy fantasy. 

Some favorite rides in this park include a pirate ship ride, a Dino-theme roller coaster, and a whimsical train. Young kids love the Oceans of Fun Sprayground when it’s hot out, and older kids can cool off on Dr. Geyser’s Remarkable Raft Ride or the Bamboo Chutes log flume. 

More fun experiences found in Story Land include carnival style games, meet and greets with favorite storybook characters, a Dino safari, and plenty of kid-friendly performances. 

RV Camping Near Story Land

Wondering where to stay during your visit to Story Land? In the comfort of your own home-on-wheels, of course! RV parking is easy enough to find in the area, and taking your rig allows you to sleep well in between days of theme park fun. 

Green Meadow Camping Area – One of our favorite places to stay in Glen, Green Meadow Camping Area is a lovely park with a playground, basketball court, and plenty of greenery. Electricity is available at each site and rates are very affordable. Best of all, this campground is located right next door to Story Land! 

Rent an RV near Story Land!

Planning Your Trip to Story Land

Admission to Story Land is around $50 per adult per day, depending on when you visit and what deals are available. Sometimes BOGO deals are available, giving you two days for the ticket cost of one and sometimes the price drops below the $50 price point, so keep an eye out for good deals. 

Parking at Story Land is free. Guests are welcome to bring in outside food and drinks, but coolers are not allowed. There are also food options inside of the park in case you get hungry, but don’t pack snacks. 


Located in Nashua, FunWorld is another great amusement park to add to your list. This one is completely enclosed and climate controlled, meaning it’s a great place to visit even when the weather is less than pleasant. This makes FunWorld one of our top picks for places to go during the cold winter months.

The park features a handful of rides that are perfect for children. These include a two-story carousel, a spinning Himalaya ride, and a small roller coaster. In addition to these rides, kids will also appreciate the playground as well as the “Kiddie Area” which features lots of quarter-operated ride ons.

For older kids and teens, there are plenty of amazing arcade games. Air hockey, DDR Extreme, and driving games are just some of the fun things game enthusiasts will find to do in the park. To make a good thing even better, players can win tickets that can be exchanged for prizes!

RV Camping Near FunWorld

The best lodging option when visiting FunWorld? Your RV, of course! You’re sure to appreciate returning to the comfort of your own space after a long day out and the ability to easily hop from one place to another is wonderful. 

Berry’s Grove Campground – Not sure where to park your rig once you arrive? Berry’s Grove Campground is a great pick. This RV park has shaded full hookup sites and the rates are unbeatable. It is clean, quiet, and the ideal place to get away from it all and experience some good old fashioned camping. 

Rent an RV near FunWorld!

Planning Your Trip to FunWorld

There is no admission fee at FunWorld. Instead, you pay for what you do. The attractions are very affordable, making this an inexpensive way to take the whole family out for some fun. 

Parking is free at this amusement center. That said, you cannot bring outside food into FunWorld, so eat before you arrive or plan on grabbing a snack from the onsite snack bar. 

Mini golf

Chuckster’s Family Fun Park

Looking for even more New Hampshire amusement park fun? Look no further than Chuckster’s Family Fun Park in Chichester. This family amusement center is chock-full of things to do and is sure to please the whole family. 

Mini golf is one of the most popular attractions at the park, and is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in the sun. Don’t care for mini golf? That’s okay, you might prefer the thrill of go-karts or the zipline or the challenge of the TimberTrek ropes course or slimming wall. Thrill seekers will love the Jumpsters bungee attraction and the whole family will get some laughs on the new bumper boats. 

Have little ones in tow? The sandbox is a favorite of younger visitors. Slightly older kids also appreciate the Webster climbing structure, and sports enthusiasts will love the batting cages. 

RV Camping Near Chuckster’s Family Fun Park

Bringing your RV ensures you’ll have a comfortable place to sleep after a day of play at Chuckster’s. There’s something wonderful about having a bed, bathroom, and kitchen of your own while you’re out of town, and the option to carry those things to another destination makes RV travel even more awesome. 

Great Meadow Campground – A great place to park your RV Great Meadow Campground is located just minutes from Chuckster’s. The park is basic, but offers full hookup sites at a good rate and the central location is just perfect. 

Rent an RV near Chuckster’s Family Fun Park!

Planning Your Trip to Chuckster’s Family Fun Park

Admission to Chuckster’s is free. That said, you will need to pay for each attraction individually. This is actually quite nice because it means you can make your visit fit your budget rather than the other way around. 

An onsite snack stand sells delicious ice cream treats as well as hot snacks like hot dogs, pretzels, and mozzarella sticks. If you want something more substantial we recommend eating before you arrive. 

Whale’s Tale Water Park

A 17-acre waterpark located in Lincoln, NH, Whale’s Tale Water Park is a favorite for a reason. This park is big enough to fill an entire day with fun and you could easily visit multiple days in a row without ever getting bored. Not only that, but because the attractions are so varied, this park will entertain toddlers and adults alike. 

Visitors love the slides at this park. Some favorites include the Banzai Pipeline tube slide, Downpour body slide, and Eye of the Storm bowl slide. Thrill seekers will appreciate Poseidon’s Voyage, a body slide with a near vertical launch capsule that drops you from a trap door. Meanwhile, those who like a challenge will love the park’s new surf simulator. 

If you’re visiting with kids you will want to see the Shipwreck Island play structure where kids can climb, slide, and use interactive spray features. Toddlers will love the milder Whale Harbor, and the whole family can enjoy the wave pool and lazy river together. 

RV Camping Near Whale’s Tale Water Park

When the day is done, you’re going to want to return to complace comfortable. For this reason, we highly recommend taking an RV along on your trip to Whale’s Tale Water Park. This ensures you’re in a clean and comfy space where you can truly relax. 

Country Bumpkins Campground and Cottages – Our top pick when it comes to campgrounds in the area? Country Bumpkins Campground and Cottages. This kid-friendly RV park features full hookup sites, clean restrooms, a camp store, and more. The price is right and the location is great!

Rent an RV near Whale’s Tale Water Park!

Planning Your Trip to Whale’s Tale Water Park

Adults will pay $48 to visit Whale’s Tale when booking online. Toddlers ages 1-3 and seniors 70+ pay only $10 to enter. Season passes are also available for those who want to visit regularly. 

Locker rentals are available and changing rooms with showers are located in the park. You will want to bring your own towels, but rental life jackets are available for free. You may bring your own food and drink into the park, but there is also a snack bar with a variety of treats available. 

Water Country 

Another wonderful New Hampshire waterpark, Water Country is located in Portsmouth. This is the largest waterpark in New England, and is definitely a fantastic place to spend a few of your summer days. We guarantee you’ll find plenty to do here, and so will any family members you happen to have with you. 

Water Country features a full 26-acres of attractions. These include Thunder Falls and Wild Canyon raft slides, the Warp 8 looping inner tube ride, the Screamer free fall slide, Dragon’s Den themed slide, and Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror, a 2 person tube slide. 

People looking for non-slide fun will appreciate eat Whirlpool, Giant Wave Pool, and Adventure River. Meanwhile, young children will love the Tahiti Tree House play area, Ollie Octopus slide, and Pirates Pool and Lagoon. 

RV Camping Near Water Country 

With so many fun things to do, we’re guessing you’ll want to spend at least two days at Water Country. This means you’ll have to find a place to stay nearby. Why not take your RV with you? This allows you to park near the waterpark and then hop to your next destination quickly and easily. 

Sea Coast Camping and RV Resort – The best place to park your RV near Water Country is definitely Sea Coast Camping and RV Resort. This campground is located just a few minutes from the amusement park. It offers guests lovely, full hookup sites, clean restrooms with showers, and easy access to the ocean. What more could you ask for? 

Rent an RV near Water Country!

Planning Your Trip to Water Country 

Single day tickets to Water Country start at $59.99, but discounts are often available when you purchase online. Keep in mind that kids under 3 enter for free. Additionally, season passes are available and are the best deal if you plan to visit often. 

Parking is $20 at the gate, but only $10 if paid for online. Picnic lunches are allowed in the park. That said, coolers are not allowed. Food is also available for sale in the park. Lockers and cabanas are available for rent. 

Water slide

Kahuna Laguna Waterpark

Looking for even more waterpark fun? Don’t forget to check out Kahuna Laguna Waterpark in North Conway. This is New Hampshire’s largest indoor waterpark and is the perfect place to go have some water fun even when the weather is cold, rainy, or otherwise icky. 

While this park is smaller than the two outdoor options listed above, it is still quite large for an indoor park. This means there are plenty of super fun attractions available inside. 

Thrill seekers will love the 4 different 3-story water slides available in the park. Whether you choose a body slide or a tube slide, the ride to the bottom is always exciting! The wave pool is another super fun attraction located in this park, and the Bamboo Bay Adventure Center is the perfect water play structure for medium sized kids. Tiny visitors will love the splash pad and Little Kahuna Play Area, and adults will appreciate relaxing in the hot tub. 

RV Camping Near Kahuna Laguna Waterpark

Kahuna Laguna Waterpark is located in a resort hotel. That said, we prefer to skip the hotel entirely and stay in the comfort of an RV instead. This ensures we have plenty of privacy and all the comforts of home while still enjoying the adventure of exploring a new place. 

Saco River Camping Area – As far as a place to park that RV goes, we recommend Saco River Camping Area. This is a beautiful campground that plays host to spacious sites with full hookups. Guests of the campground can access the river for tubing fun, and a dog park is available onsite. 

Rent an RV near Kahuna Laguna Waterpark!

Planning Your Trip to Kahuna Laguna Waterpark

Hotel guests get discounted access to this park. That said, day passes are available for those not staying in the hotel as well. These are $70 per person during off-peak season and $100 per person during peak season. We recommend punching passes online before you arrive. 

Food is available for purchase at Tiki Tide Cafe. 

Candia Springs Adventure Park and Waterpark

Want to have an adventure during your time in New Hampshire? Candia Springs Adventure Park in Candia is the place to go. This park has all kinds of fun attractions, giving you the opportunity to take part in a variety of different adventures. You can cram them all into one day if you see fit, but we recommend visiting a couple of days in a row in order to give yourself time to do it all. 

On hot days, you will want to make sure to visit the Candia Springs Waterpark. This park features large water slides, a kiddie play area, and a super cool spring-fed swimming hole that plays host to an inflatable obstacle course. If you’re looking to cool off while having a great time, this is an excellent place to do it. 

Want even more awesome adventures? This park is also home to an incredible ziplining experience. The aerial Adventure Forest challenge course is another great way to spend some time in this park, and those who want to try something new should check out the axe throwing option. 

RV Camping Near Candia Springs Adventure Park and Waterpark

Add to your adventures in New Hampshire by choosing to camp during your time there. The Candia area offers plenty of camping opportunities, meaning you can add some camping fun to your trip! Of course, it’s also nice to have access to a kitchen as well as your own bed and bathroom. 

Bear Brook State Park – One awesome place to park your RV is Bear Brook State Park. This campground is just minutes from Candia Springs Adventure Park and allows you to really immerse yourself in New Hampshire’s natural beauty. Campsites do not have any hookups, but restrooms with showers, potable water, and a dump station are available. 

Rent an RV near Candia Springs Adventure Park and Waterpark!

Planning Your Trip to Candia Springs Adventure Park and Waterpark

Admission to the Candia Springs Waterpark is $25 for adults, $16 for kids ages 2-6, and Fromm for toddlers under 2. Twilight passes are available for those visiting after 2 pm and cost $16 per person. 

Those wishing to experience the Aerial Forest should expect to pay $45 and those hoping to hop on a zipline will pay $45. A $72 combo ticket is available for those who want to do the forest and the zipline in a single day. Tickets to these two attractions also include access to the waterpark. 

Keep in mind that many attractions at this park have height, weight, and age requirements and limits. Check these before heading out to avoid disappointment!

Castaway Island at Canobie Lake Park

Last on our list is Castaway Island at Canobie Lake Park. This super fun waterpark in Salem is a wonderful place to spend a summer day. It features fun for everyone, and will keep you cool even as you soak up the sunshine. 

One of the coolest features of this park is their Tidal River. This awesome attraction is like a combination of a lazy river and a wave pool, and we cannot get over how neat it is. You enter the river via a zero entry wave pool. This connects to the mouth of the Tidal River which gently pushes you along using both a current and waves. 

Kids love the Rain Fortress at this park. This is a huge water play area that features a climbing structure, slides, bridges, interactive water features, and of course, a gigantic tipping bucket. Those too small for the Rain Fortress will need to head to the Lil Squirts Play Pad, the perfect water play area for toddlers and preschoolers. 

Of course, there are also large slides in the park. These can be found on slide island, and are ideal for the thrill seekers in your group. 

RV Camping Near Castaway Island at Canobie Lake Park

You will definitely need a comfortable place to dry off and rest up after your day at the waterpark. This is why bringing your RV is so important! Fortunately, you should have no trouble at all finding a place to park your RV near the park, so it’s easy to access after your long day of fun. 

Berry’s Grove Campground – The perfect place to call home for a few days, Berry’s Grove Campground is a laid back place with friendly staff. The campsites here feature full hookups, the park is located on a beautiful lake, and the price really cannot be beat. 

Rent an RV near Castaway Island at Canobie Lake Park!

Planning Your Trip to Castaway Island at Canobie Lake Park

Guests should expect to pay $55 to enter this park on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and $48 all other days of the week. Those under 48 inches tall or over 60 years of age receive discounted admission, and visiting after 5 pm will get you an even steeper discount. Children under 3 are always free!

Parking is free at this theme park. Stroller, wheelchair, and scooter rentals are available, but guests are also welcome to bring their own. Locker rentals are also available. Outside food is prohibited, so you should plan to eat at one of the onsite restaurants during your visit. Another option is to leave to eat and return after your meal. Just be sure to have your hand stamped if you do this!

As you can tell, there is a lot of amusement park fun to be had in New Hampshire. Want to find even more New Hampshire amusement parks? Try searching, “amusement parks near me” after checking into your campground. We’re guessing you’ll find another gem or two to explore. 

Of course, there’s also the option of adding some other types of attractions to your itinerary. If this is something you’d like to do, check out the articles below to learn about some more of the best things to do in New Hampshire!