The Top 7 Amusement Parks in Alabama

Published on January 21st, 2022

Sweet home, Alabama also happens to be home to some incredible amusement parks! Whether you’re looking for a themed adventure with wild rides or a chance to get wet and wild at a waterpark, here are some of the very best adventures to take with the family in Alabama.

1. Waterville USA – Gulf Shores

2. Adventure Island – Orange Beach

3. The Park at OWA – Foley

4. Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure – Bessemer

5. Adventureland Theme Park – Dothan

6. Water World – Dothan

Alabama Amusement Parks

Let’s dive into the nitty, gritty details you need to explore and enjoy these many amusement parks.

1. Waterville USA – Gulf Shores

Waterville USA
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Easily one of the most popular amusement parks of any sort in Alabama — and for good reason — Waterville USA is, as its name suggests, a water park tucked into the popular gulfside city of Gulf Shores, one that many Alabamans contend holds the best collection of water attractions on the Alabama coast. Since it first opened in 1986, millions of dollars have been spent on creating new attractions and maintaining and renovating old ones, meaning this park keeps its state-of-the-art, cutting edge vibe even years and years later.

The park offers more than just water-based attractions, too. There’s an attached theme park with fun to-dos like minigolf, go-karts, and a carousel. Ticket prices depend on which attractions you want to see and whether or not you have any qualifying discount demographics (such as being a senior or military member), but start at just over $30 per person for an adult water park ticket. Full details can be found at the park website.

RV Camping Near Waterville USA

Gulf Shores is a popular camping destination whether or not you’re planning to visit Waterville USA. We’ve listed some of the very best campgrounds in Gulf Shores here, but for your convenience, here are a few of our absolute top picks:

  • Fort Morgan RV Park, a private park with convenient and generous amenities like free laundry and a bathhouse
  • Gulf State Park, a public option that’s both affordable and situated on one of the most beautiful stretches of countryside in this part of the country — you’ll have immediate access to a network of more than 20 miles of trails!
  • Bay Breeze RV Park on the Bay, an excellent option if you’re traveling with people who don’t have RVs of their own or meeting up with a local group; along with well-appointed RV slots, this park also offers rentable camping cabins.

Here are some excellent RVshare rentals near Gulf Shores to consider!

Planning Your Trip to Waterville USA

As is true of the rest of the Alabama Gulf shore, Waterville USA will likely be most crowded in the summertime — so if you want to beat the crowds, consider the shoulder season when it’ll still be relatively warm but maybe not so tight-packed. If you’re local, seasonal passes are a great option to ensure you have constant access to the park at the lowest possible price.

2. Adventure Island – Orange Beach

Orange Beach, Alabama

Situated around a simmering, five-story volcano, Adventure Island offers a wide range of experiences for everyone in the family to enjoy, from arcade games and lazer tag to bumper boats and go-karts. Kiddie rides make it enjoyable for even the youngest adventurers, who will love the opportunity to spin aboard miniature teacups and can also enjoy birthday parties at the park, which include both party rides and games.

RV Camping Near Adventure Island

Just a few miles outside of Gulf Shores proper, Orange Beach is a fantastic Gulfside city to explore and discover, not just because of Adventure Island. It has all of its own wonderful top-1o campgrounds to check out, but here are a few to put at the top of your list:

  • A&M Perdido Resort offers a serene, seaside getaway that creates the perfect counterpoint to busy days at the park with the kids. Stroll in the sand and take advantage of luxurious amenities, which are also available on weekly/monthly rental bases.
  • Beach Express RV Park is all about keeping things quick and easy — and after all, you’re really there for the amusement park and the beaches, right? Just check in and get on your way to adventure.

Don’t forget to check out the best RVshare rentals near Orange Beach, Alabama!

Planning Your Trip to Adventure Island

Another hot summer spot, it might be worth taking a trip to Adventure Island in the fall or spring, particularly since many of its attractions are indoor activities. What a perfect way to enjoy an unseasonal or rainy day in such a sun-shiney destination!

3. The Park at OWA – Foley

Inspired by the Muscogee word for “water,” OWA is a pretty big deal, as any Alabaman knows — and aside from its waterside retail and dining opportunities, The Park at OWA, its gated amusement park with more than 20 attractions, is the star of the show. Drawing about a million annual visitors and offering everything from high-flying thrill rides to chiller options aimed especially at younger visitors, OWA is truly a great place to relax with the entire family for not just a day, but a whole weekend. (Honestly, given the multiplicity of to-dos, you could probably stay there a week and not get bored.)

RV Camping Near The Park at OWA

The city of Foley where the Park is situated is just a quick drive inland from Gulf Shores, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hop on down to the beach if the desire strikes you. Again, here are our top-10 picks for Gulf Shores campgrounds, and a few specifics to get your brainstorm session started:

  • Doc’s RV Park is conveniently located just three miles off the beach and offers amenities like free wifi and cable throughout the park.
  • Bay Breeze RV Park on the Bay remains our favorite pick for those looking for waterfront access and a wide range of lodging options, both RV and otherwise.
  • Tucked just a little ways inland, Southport Campground is a great option that’s centrally located to both OWA and the beaches, and offers a little bit more quiet than some of the other alternatives on the list.

Here are some excellent RVshare rentals near Gulf Shores to consider!

Planning Your Trip to The Park at OWA

As mentioned, OWA has enough going on to keep your family entertained for a week or more, easily — and plenty of packages to make it happen as affordably as possible. Click around the park’s ride passes and live event tickets page to see which might be the right fit for you and your family, and be sure to check out the constantly updated page of special offers available.

4. Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure – Bessemer

Spinning teacups ride

Unique in its opportunities for both water-based adventures and more traditional theme park rides, Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure is a two-for-one amusement park shebang that truly has something to offer for everyone in your family.

The list of attractions is long and exciting, including an open-flume water slide that will allow visitors to experience free fall (a pretty rare option here on terra firma), as well as a lazy river for more relaxed water-based enjoyment and a variety of other wet and wild options. On the amusement park side, find a range of roller coasters that runs from truly wild to tame enough for toddlers, spinning tea cups, and classics like the yo-yo and tilt-a-whirl.

RV Camping Near Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure

A southwestern suburb of Birmingham, Bessemer is a great place to set up camp while you explore both the Adventure theme parks and the many cultural and historical draws to the city itself. Here are some of the very best Birmingham, Alabama campgrounds to choose from!

  • General Lee Mari & Campground offers an affordable and low-key yet comprehensive stay that will get you everything you need for the right price.
  • Logan Landing RV & Cabin Resort is tucked on 142 beautiful, wooded acres, and will truly give you the opportunity to feel like you’ve gotten away from it all.

Additionally, don’t forget that you also have the option to rent an RVshare vehicle near Birmingham if you don’t have one of your own!

Planning Your Trip to Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure

With so much to see and do at this dual theme park, season passes are a pretty great idea — especially because the multiplicity of options makes it a great place to visit throughout the year for different attractions as the weather changes. Season pass holders get free soft drinks, tubes, parking and life jackets, among many other alluring add-ons.

5. Adventureland Theme Park – Dothan

As its name suggests, Adventureland Theme Park is truly a wonderland full of adventures for the whole family, from go-karts and water bumpers to mini golf, arcade games and so much more. An on-site snack bar makes it easy to spend the whole day without needing to leave for a sustained break, and both party and group packages are available for birthdays, trips, and other fun events where you want to gather a lot of friends and family.

RV Camping Near Adventureland Theme Park

The city of Dothan is tucked about as far southeast as you can get without leaving Alabama proper, and is home to numbers 5 and 6 on this list of Alabama amusement parks. Good thing we’ve covered the top 10 campgrounds in town! And as always, here are a few of the main contenders:

  • Cherry Blossom RV Park is conveniently located right off the highway, making it easy to check in and check out, and both long-and short-term rentals are available for quick weekenders or travelers spending a longer time in town.
  • A-Okay RV Park is, as its name implies, an a-okay place to stay — not least because of its beautiful, quiet, rural setting (which makes a great complement to a busy amusement park with the kids).
  • The Ozark/Fort Rucker KOA is an old standby that’s well-known for a reason: all your favorite KOA amenities are right there ready for you!

Heads up: there are also some excellent RVshare rentals to choose from in Dothan!

Planning Your Trip to Adventureland Theme Park

Adventureland’s unique slate of birthday party and group rates are available only when speaking directly to a manager, so be sure to call ahead if you’re planning a big blow-out!

6. Water World – Dothan

The Wave Pool at Water World

Think you have to travel to the Gulf Shore to visit a beach in Alabama? Think again! Water World is Dothan’s premier water park, featuring a gorgeous man-made beach that lines its 450,000-gallon riptide wave pool — a great way to emulate the natural surf you might experience just a little bit further south. Water slides and other attractions complete the scene, and birthday and group rates are available for your major events!

RV Camping Near Water World

Once again, Dothan is a great place to stay and play a while, especially if you have a family — so here are the top 10 campgrounds in town to choose from, and a couple of specific options to ponder.

  • Anchors Aweigh RV Resort is a little bit closer to Gulf Shores than Dothan, proper, but makes for a great place to set up camp if you’re looking to broadly explore southern Alabama.
  • Once again, A-Okay RV Park is our pick for a quiet place to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy amusement park days — it’s all about balance!

You can choose to rent an RVshare vehicle in Dothan, too!

Planning Your Trip to Water World

This park is one where the weather really matters, so make sure you plan your trip for a warm Alabama summer, late spring or early fall (but keep in mind that those will also be the busiest times of year!). Admission rates can be found on the park website, and special offers are available for groups and birthday parties if you plan ahead!

Even More Alabama Amusement Parks

Below, find a few more Alabama amusement parks that make an honorable mention on our list:

  • Spring Park in Tuscumbia is centered around a beautiful man-made waterfall, and there’s no admission charge!
  • Point Mallard Park in Decatur is a small but well-appointed water park that offers a variety of pools, diving opportunities, and other attractions
  • Spring Valley Beach in Blountsville is a 25 acre getaway that includes some fun water slides as well as a large wave pool. It is open seasonally only.
  • Red Bay Water Park in Red Bay offers an ample swimming pool, water slide, and nearby playground so local kids have something truly exciting to do in the warm summer months.
  • The Track Family Fun Park is our honorable mention for Gulf Shores — there’s just so much to see and do in that town, we can’t list them all!
  • And finally, the Hartselle Aquatic Center is the “heart” of Hartselle, Alabama in many ways, particularly for those who love to enjoy slip-sliding fun in the sun.

Enjoy your trip to Alabama’s many wonderful amusement parks, whether you’re looking to get wet and wild or simply enjoy some casual rides with your family!

Looking for even more to do in Alabama? Check out these must-sees:

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