RV Slide Outs- How To Avoid The Issues that Cost You Time and Money.

How Tos & Tips

Every RV has a different slide-out configuration, and there are as many slide-out issues as there are configurations. It’s easy to avoid these issues that cost you time and money and put a damper on your vacation. First, it is critically important that you familiarize yourself with the operational instructions specific to your RV. Knowledge is power!  When you follow the proper sequence recommended in your owner’s manual for leveling the coach and deploying the slides you lessen the chance of slide-out mishaps!

Generally, it is suggested that you hook up the water and sewer prior to deploying the slide-outs. Experienced RVers have learned the hard way that it is also smart to pull out the lawn chairs and any other items you need from the basement. It’s easier on the back and lessens the chances of a possible concussion. Pool noodles can be cut and attached to the edge of the slides to reduce the incidence of head injuries while the slides are out.

When you are ready to extend the slide-outs and your finger is on the button, stop and think… is everything clear of the slide-out path, the kids, the pets, the furniture? If you extend and retract your slide-outs in the same order each time and inspect the area prior it will save you from making a costly mistake and will also ensure the safety of your kids and pets.

a dog in front of a Class C caper with slide outs

Of course, you have already inspected the outside and determined that you have sufficient space to extend the slides, so taking this step as soon as you arrive is a no-brainer. After you pull in the slides do a visual inspection to determine that your slide toppers have closed properly and that your slide-outs are closed according to your operating instructions.

Other considerations include the outdoor temperature, is there ice build-up that could impede smooth movement? Developing and following the same routine when arriving at a site or prior to departure will be the key to avoiding RV slide-out issues that cost you time and money.

Always following the same routine with careful diligence will ensure you avoid the slide-out issues that cost you time and money.