Mystery Trips – Would You Dare to be Surprised?

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The Element of Surprise

This year brought up an unexpected trend in the travel industry – mystery trips! With viral videos on TikTok storytelling people embarking on surprise trips, this way of travel quickly picked up popularity. Would you dare to go on a trip to a surprise destination?

We included this question as part of our 2024 Travel Trend Report and these are the results.

Under 10% Dare to be Surprised – Travel Trend Results

While “Mystery Trips” and vacations with some hidden elements are trending, insights show that just 9% are daring enough to embark on a trip that is fully a surprise. While most travelers don’t want to be kept fully in the dark, Trend Report data reveals that 75% would love to have at least one element be kept a surprise until the trip begins, especially popular amongst the younger Millennial and Gen Z demographics. 

48% find it appealing to have activities be a surprise on a trip, while 40% are interested in being surprised by dining choices, and 36% would prefer to have the destination be kept a secret.

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