A Heartfelt Thank You From the DeMoss Family

Published on July 18th, 2022

All of us at RVshare feel truly honored to have helped such wonderful people like the DeMoss family. When they reached out for help transporting their daughter from Pennsylvania to Florida for a post-op follow-up visit, we were thrilled to offer an RV to make their travels as easy as possible.

We hope you enjoy these snapshots from their trip as much as we did!

man standing in front of an rv

Taken right before we left Willow Grove for Miami on June 16. Tim Sr smiling on the outside while thinking “I’m actually about to drive this thing…”! 🙂 God gave me a steady hand the entire trip, and after just a little while getting used to it, the vast majority of the trip was manageable and went very well. Kept a respect of the machine and the road and prayed each day for safety. Sometimes it was little scary to have a truck passing on my left and another truck merging from an on-ramp on my right…and a couple times were there surrounding vehicles (once at a rest stop) where it was difficult to navigate…but overall the experience went smoothly! Thankful!

family inside an rv

Front: Tim Sr, Theodora, Tori Joy, Tina
Back: Tessa, Toby
Just before “lift off”… 🙂

family in the ocean

As Tina’s letter mentions, this trip was a blessing on many levels—first and foremost, in getting Tori to/from Miami in a much more manageable & beneficial way than flying would have been. Another clear benefit was the opportunity for us to travel together as a family, with only our oldest (Tim Jr) not with us since he lives in West Palm Beach, teaching film & photography. It was a therapeutic, refreshing time for sure…and especially in Tori’s case, as she loves the water and the beach elements.

family around the dinner table

Speaking of Tim Jr (front), he was able to join us, along with his girlfriend Brittany, both the evening before and the evening after Tori Joy’s appointment at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital—a true blessing to have us all together, especially considering why we were there. This little soiree enabled us to enjoy the RV’s awning & exterior twinkle lights.

family selfie

Tori’s surgeon Dr. Errico was very pleased with how Tori’s back is healing up. Her scar runs the length of her back, from the top of her spine to the bottom. It is looking good so far, and the surgical work is holding up as well. Next checkup estimated late Dec ’22 or early Jan ’23.

family together in a pool

On the way home, we were able to get to a campground with 37 minutes to spare before the pool closed—but we did get in! 🙂 As usual, Tori Joy loved it, as did we.

family in the pool

The water was warm, and it was just great for Tori to have a chance to float and relax in the water—again, part of why we had hoped to take the trip to/from Miami with an RV :).

girl in front of an rv, asleep

All of that activity can get a girl tuckered out, to be sure!

siblings enjoying a meal

Tim Sr turned 54 on the trip (June 23). The amazing Miss Tina managed to whip up a great meal while feeding Tori Joy her special food.

girl laying bed

After a long and full trip, we returned home safely the evening of Friday June 24. Tori Joy was glad to be back in her own beddy-bye.

We were (and are) so grateful to have been able to transport her all of those miles up and down the coast in a manner that allowed for her to travel well.

Thank you once again on behalf of Tori Joy and our whole family!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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