Concert Season: RV Style

Young people are no longer spending their summers going to Disney World and taking a beach trip or two. The new phenomenon for millennials is traveling hours or even days to see the hottest names in music. They are changing the way they shop, play, and spend their time in general. It’s all about experiences; traveling and enjoying quality time with friends, jamming out together all night, then doing it all again the next day.

However, traveling to shows can get pretty expensive. Tickets can cost hundreds of dollars. On top of that, add in the price of a hotel room and food for several days. Many people choose to rough it by staying in tents, sleeping in cars, and eating mayonnaise sandwiches the entire time they’re on the road (no, it’s true!), but what if there was a way to enjoy the adventure, sleep comfortably, and save money in the process?

An Alternative to Sleeping in your Car

Are you looking for an alternative option for summer concert accommodation? We have the perfect alternative for you – RV rentals!  Renting an RV provides the flexibility and luxury that neither a hotel, a tent, or your Jetta, can provide. By renting an RV for the summer concert season, you can enjoy traveling to your concert destination comfortably and on your own terms. No need to squish four people in the back seat of a five-passenger car – the right RV can accommodate six, eight or even more people comfortably.

RVing also gives you the space to bring all the items you didn’t have room to pack in your car. You can bring changes of clothes, a laptop, extra pillows, and yes, even plenty of food. That’s where the real advantage comes in. Instead of having to go without eating, or spend hundreds at restaurants, you can buy a week’s worth of food from your regular grocery store, and prepare healthy meals for everyone, on your own.

RVing to festivals gives you the freedom to enjoy the road more, adding to the amazing experience. And the best part is that many concerts and festivals, such as Coachella, actually have RV Parks in proximity. No need to drive for miles and miles to the shows from your rig. In fact, some events have RV campsites you can stay at in-house, while others provide discounts for staying at nearby parks.

Choosing the Right RV

If you need help finding the perfect unit that will provide comfort and peace of mind, along with a style as unique as the artist you’re seeing, look no further than RVshare. We’re the world’s largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace. We’ve got thousands of options of high-quality RVs available anywhere your concert is, like all throughout California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, New York, Oregon, and Florida. Rent for one or two nights, or a week or more! The only thing better than the flexibility we offer is the price you’ll pay. Our rates start at only $10 per night, with an average rate of only about $125 per night. Cheaper than a decent hotel room, yet still equipped with a kitchen and mobility so you can still get around and meet new people in the area.

Before you know it, concert season will be right around the corner. Are you willing to rough it in your car to save money, or spend every penny you have on a static hotel room? If not, consider renting an RV. The comfort, flexibility, and price will make you glad you enjoyed concert season this year, RV style!

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