RVs For Sale – Top 10 RV Dealers In Alaska

The majestic state of Alaska is the ultimate camping destination. With breathtaking scenery at every bend in the road, many people are searching for RVs for sale in Alaska. You might also be looking for RVs to rent in the state. Thanks to the sense of adventure in Alaska, there are plenty of places to find the right RV for you. Here are the top RV dealers throughout the state.

1. ABC RV Sales

Photo Source : https://www.abcrvsales.com/

With the largest selection of RVs, campers and trailers for sale in the entire state, you are sure to find something you will like at ABC RV Sales. Centrally located in Anchorage, you can purchase your RV and hit the road. ABC RV Sales has been serving Alaska since 1985.

RVs Offered

You can find a wide variety of RVs at ABC RV Sales. Truck campers, toy haulers, travel trailers, motorhomes, utility campers and fifth wheels are for sale. They also boast a stock of over 30 of the top name brands, and prices range from around $12,000 to $105,000.

Why You’ll Love ABC RV Sales

ABC RV Sales has a reputation of excellent customer care for over three decades. They have experience selling and servicing all types of RVs. A small but dedicated staff is focused on giving customized care to everyone. Service and repair are offered daily.

What People are Saying about ABC RV Sales

“ABC Sales has been wonderful to work with! My wife, kids, and I stopped by in July only knowing we wanted a bunk house travel trailer…We recommend ABC Sales!”
– Trent, Google Review

“Great selection of RV’s and friendly staff”
– Jim, Google Local Guide

ABC RV Sales Information

5550 Old Seward Hwy
Anchorage, AK 99518
Daily, 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m.

2. Valley RV Center

Photo Source : https://www.valleyrvcenter.com/

Located in Palmer, AK, Valley RV Center has a reputation of a trustworthy and knowledgeable sales department. They take pride in knowing all about every type of RV they sell. For more than 20 years, providing quality RVs has been their passion.

RVs Offered

At Valley RV Center, you will find a curated selection of RVs. They focus on carrying the brands they know and trust. Travel trailers, truck campers, toy haulers, 5th wheels and new and pre-owned RVs are available. Prices are available on request, and a selection of specials covers a variety of RVs and campers.

Why You’ll Love Valley RV Center

Warranties and service are offered on each and every unit sold at Valley RV Center. Since 1996, they’ve believed that a laid-back approach is the best way to sell the right RV to the right person. Since they focus on a smaller selection of brands, they have in-depth knowledge of their inventory.

What People are Saying about Valley RV Center

“Great selection of parts and friendly staff”
– Kevin, Google Local Guide
“Best experience I’ve had buying a high cost item. No pressure, they answered every question I had (lots) and they made sure I drove away in a safe vehicle…”
– Booker, Google Review

Valley RV Center Information

7061 E Blue Lupine
Palmer, Alaska 99645
Mon.-Fri., 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Sat., 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
Sun., Noon-4 p.m.

3. Camper Valley RV

Photo Source : http://www.campervalleyrv.com/

Camper Valley RV is a low-key dealership located in Wasilla, with a wide variety of camping trailers for sale. With no added gimmicks, you can be sure to find what you want. For 30 years, enthusiasts have flocked to this location for their expertise.

RVs Offered

5th wheels, cargo trailers, motorhomes, trailers and much more are available. Camper Valley RV provides competitively priced campers for sale. Smaller campers can run from $8,000 while more luxurious options can run between $40,000 and $60,000.

Why You’ll Love Camper Valley RV

With a large lot to buy and sell, there’s a lot of explore at Camper Valley RV whether you’re looking for a campervan for sale or a class B RV for sale. The inventory is constantly changing and being updated, and knowledgeable and friendly staff are always available to help. A 1-2-3 warranty is available at certain locations and for certain lines as well.

What People are Saying about Camper Valley RV

“They are amazing and caring people. I loved that I could look without someone right there…”
– Breanna, Google Review
“Best rv dealership in Alaska!”
– Adam, Google Review

Camper Valley RV Information

3151 E Palmer-Wasilla Hwy
Wasilla, AK 99654
Mon.-Sat., 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Sun., Noon-5 p.m.

4. Alaska RV Center

Photo Source : https://www.facebook.com/Alaska-RV-Center-168510596493806/

Alaska RV Center, located in Fairbanks, is an RV consignment and repair shop. They are knowledgeable RV technicians who help sell used RVs. Believing more in one-on-one service rather than having a large lot, this is ideal for customers who prefer detail-oriented service.

RVs Offered

They usually keep a few used travel trailers for sale and may have class C motorhomes for sale at times. They suggest calling ahead to see what they have in stock or just stopping by.

Why You’ll Love Alaska RV Center

The folks at Alaska RV Center are not trained sales representatives but do know quite a bit about RVs. They are helpful towards customers and familiar with the campers for sale.

What People are Saying about Alaska RV Center

“Great selection, and an attentive staff that was able to help me find just what I was looking for- a MUST for higher-end R.V. investors.”
– Slappy Joe, Google Local Guide
“Very nice people. They were great at getting my camper in and waiting for approval before making repairs.”
– Beth, Google Review

Alaska RV Center Information

3070 Phillips Field Rd
Fairbanks, AK 99709
Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

5. Adventure RV Center

Photo Source : https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/adventure-rv-center-wasilla?select=iHHmCyIrv4WOXz8kb8NMnQ

Adventure RV Center believes in selling products they can stand behind. You will find high-quality RVs for sale here, especially toy haulers. They are the largest dealer of toy haulers for sale in Alaska, and they have one of the biggest selections of accessories in the state.

RVs Offered

Adventure RV Center in Wasilla has a large selection of Thor brand campers, but they also maintain a supply of other brands. You can find many Class A and Class C motorhomes for sale here. They also carry toy haulers and pull-behind trailers.

Why You’ll Love Adventure RV Center

If you are looking for a toy hauler with top-of-the-line manufacturing, then this is the place to visit. The team members of Adventure RV Center will be able to find the best toy hauler for you.

What People are Saying about Adventure RV Center

“I will be your most loyal client!”
– Ty Crandell, Facebook Review

Adventure RV Center Information

1551 W Parks Hwy
Wasilla, AK 99654
(907) 232-2407
Mon.-Sat., 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

6. Dependable Used Cars and RV Valley

Photo Source : https://www.dependablecarsanchorageak.com/

Despite being a used car lot, these salespeople stick with a no-pressure philosophy. You may not find a large selection of RVs for sale here, but you will enjoy the experience. With ultra-low special offers that tend to move fast, it’s worth in to check in frequently.

RVs Offered

They typically keep a few travel trailers for sale throughout the year. You can occasionally find a toy hauler here as well. It is best to call ahead or stop by if you are searching for something specific since they have a constantly moving inventory.

Why You’ll Love Dependable Used Cars and RV Valley

They take pride in being honest and dependable. You can be confident that you are not over paying on your used travel trailer here. Since 1982, Adventure RV has gone above and beyond to find the best deals for their customers.

What People are Saying about Dependable Used Cars and RV Valley

“Purchased a camper from these guys…Great sales team at this location and will gladly purchase from them again!!”
– Jason, Google Local Guide
“These gentlemen have always been very professional, and very fair. The price of the vehicle was reasonable and it ran well…”
– Angela, Google Review

Dependable Used Cars and RV Valley Information

1268 Campbell St
Wasilla, AK 99654
Mon.-Sat., 10 a.m.-8 p.m.

7. Cache Camper Manufacturing

Photo Source : https://www.yelp.com/biz/cache-camper-mfg-inc-palmer

Cache Camper Manufacturing is a custom order camper dealership. They can manufacture a camper to fit on your truck bed or pull behind your truck. Since 1971, Cache Camper has focuses on custom manufacturing.

RVs Offered

While they do not carry a large selection of RVs, you can have a camper designed specifically for you. They will custom make your camper to the exact specifications you request. They only carry their own brand of camper.

Why You’ll Love Cache Camper Manufacturing

They are not a typical RV dealer. The people at Cache Camper Manufacturing do what they love with campers that are customized to your needs. Additionally, for those who prefer to do it themselves, over 25,000 parts are in stock to assist in creating the camper of your dreams.

What People are Saying about Cache Camper Manufacturing

“…I cannot say enough about how good they were. They repaired to a better standard than new.”
– Ellen, Google Review

“A fantastic experience from planning, to order, to delivery. Larry, the owner, personally sat down with us to go over our options. He was always available when questions came up…”
– Matthew, Google Review

Cache Camper Manufacturing Information

7593 Ashmore Ave
Palmer, AK 99645
Tue.-Fri., 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
Sat., 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

8. Great Alaskan Holidays


Photo Source : http://akonthego.com/blog/family-rv-adventures-start-with-great-alaskan-holidays

The friendly associates at Great Alaskan Holidays are ready to assist you in planning your Alaskan adventure. When you buy a new or used RV from them, you will get all the information needed to plan the perfect vacation.

RVs Offered

Great Alaskan Holidays only keeps a stock of motorhomes for sale. You can find Keystone, Winnebago and Thor Class A, B and C motorhomes. Presales are available, and customers can save up to $7,000 with this program.

Why You’ll Love Great Alaskan Holidays

While their main focus and passion is the sale and rental of quality RVs, they also offer detailed travel trip planning for travelers. Make sure to let them know about your specific tastes, as their Custom Factory Order program ensures that your RV will meet your every need.

What People are Saying About Great Alaskan Holidays

“We were traveling through Anchorage when we needed to replace the front door latch system – after going to 3 repair places we got it all replaced and taken care of. With Great Alaskan Holidays…”
– Cathie, Google Review

“Really nice staff and great RV’s at a great price. The staff made it so easy with the transactions. Thank you.”
– Louis, Google Review

Great Alaskan Holidays Information

9800 Old Seward Hwy
Anchorage, AK 99515
Daily, 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

9. A&M RV Center

Photo Source : https://www.yelp.com/biz/a-and-m-rv-center-anchorage

A&M RV Center in Anchorage is an established dealership with used campers for sale. If you are looking for something affordable, then this is a great place to check out. Considered travel experts, they can help you find the right RV for the lifestyle or adventure you want to embark on.

RVs Offered

They typically have used motorhomes for sale. You can also find used travel trailers for sale and pop-up campers for sale as well. Coachmen, Forest River, Free Spirit and other popular brands are available depending on stock.

Why You’ll Love A&M RV Center

They are dedicated to excellent customer service and low prices. You can find a good deal here on a used camper.

What People are Saying about A&M RV Center

“…This is a great organization. Very fair and accomodating. We had a great time working with them…”
– Thomas C., Customer Review

“We had a great experience with A & M RV Center. Katie was the leasing representative from the start. She was more than helpful…”
– John G., Customer Review

A&M RV Center Information

2225 E 5th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501
Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
Sat., 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

10. Arctic RV & Interior Topper

Photo Source : http://www.arcticrv.com/about

The folks at Arctic RV and Interior Topper know about caring for RVs. Their selection is small and well-chosen with used travel trailers for sale. Whether you’re looking for Airstream trailers for sale or Class A motorhomes for sale, their staff is eager to work with you.

RVs Offered

They are an exclusive dealer for Jayco. They will also have used RVs for sale from time to time. You can find Jayco trailers and toy haulers for sale here.

Why You’ll Love Arctic RV & Interior Topper

Their main job is to ensure the integrity of RVs and repair damage. They understand how to take care of an RV and will make sure you do too.

What People are Saying about Arctic RV & Interior Topper

“Friendly staff once they get to know you. Best selection of parts and accessories for RV’s in Fairbanks…”
– J Miller, Google Review

“Took the time to look for parts they had in the shop. That is help that I very much appreciate. Thank you.”
– Terry Dunn, Google Review

Arctic RV and Interior Topper Information

3013 Peger Rd
Fairbanks, AK 99709
Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

The great Alaskan countryside is the perfect setting for an RV vacation. Find a camper, possibly by looking for an RV trader or RVs for sale by owner, and enjoy the majestic outdoors. Whether you’re experienced in RV and camping world adventures or brand new to the lifestyle, the wealth of choices ensures that everyone is taken care of.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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