RVs Aren’t Just For Camping!

Renting an RV

Recently my family and I traveled from Cleveland to Nashville. My husband plays in a flag football league and his team was participating in a tournament. Since it was chilly in Ohio we decided to make a vacation out of it and head a few hours south in hopes that we would be able to enjoy some warmer weather, and to cheer my husband on! Our daughter was about 14 months old, and we quickly realized that having her at the football fields all day might be a challenge. We needed a place to relax, somewhere climate-controlled preferably, with a fridge for milk and snacks and a quiet space for a nap or to watch some of her beloved Elmo on the portable DVD player. Having a bathroom on site would also be convenient.

Family standing in front of a Class C RV
Brian, Avery, and me in front of our Class C RV

RVing is a Convenient Way to Enjoy Sporting Events

We didn’t want to have to schlep all of our items back and forth from the hotel to the fields (babies need a lot of stuff!) and were trying to think of another option. Lucky for me I work at a place like RVshare! Employees are encouraged to rent an RV (we even get a rental credit each year to do so) and experience the RV lifestyle for ourselves. We always promote the joys of RV rentals so we should probably know what we’re talking about! We decided that renting an RV would be the perfect way to spend the days at the football fields while having a quiet and cozy place to retreat to when our daughter needed a break from the action.

Using RVshare

Finding our RV on the RVshare platform was easy. In Nashville, there were plenty of options to choose from, and the first one we decided on was available and able to be booked seamlessly. Having the option for delivery is great for anyone not sure about driving an RV, but my husband decided to give it a try and was surprised by how simple it was to maneuver. The RV was a Class C, the second-largest drivable motorhome, and he was able to navigate it on side streets and highways with ease.

The RV owners were an absolute JOY to work with! They were very communicative throughout the whole process, gave us a thorough walkthrough of their RV to ensure we were comfortable using it, and even offered to empty the tanks for us at no cost. We had debated having the RV delivered to the fields and they would’ve been more than happy to do that for us as well. The RV was spotless and filled with soft and comfy pillows and blankets and was so comfortable to hang out in. They really could not have been easier to rent from, especially with us being inexperienced RVers.

Mom and daughter sitting at the dinette in an RV
Avery and me relaxing on the RV while dad plays football
Dad and daughter sitting on the couch in an RV
Brian and Avery hanging out on the RV in between games

Different Ways to Rent an RV

While we mostly think about RV rentals for camping trips, they are actually really ideal for plenty of other occasions.

  • Tailgating: onsite fridge, bathroom, and TV – what more could you ask for?
  • Travel sports leagues: perfect spot to take a break, not to mention the kids will love it
  • Weddings: use them to get ready in or have onsite at an outdoor wedding to relax or cool off
  • Visiting family: park it right in the driveway to be nearby your family without invading their home
  • Concerts or festivals: festivals are notorious for having less than ideal accommodations, retire to an RV after a long day of fun instead
RV parked in a parking lot with football field in the background
RV parked near the football fields

Finding the Perfect Rental

When searching for the ideal RV for this occasion we had a few key things to consider. First, we knew we wanted a drivable unit. On RVshare you can filter whether you want to drive or tow your rental. Since our RV was also being used as a second vehicle so that my husband could head to the fields before us, we couldn’t depend on my car for towing. We needed something with plenty of space so we could set up our daughter’s portable crib. I also wanted a refrigerator to keep our milk, water, and snacks cool. Having a bathroom on board was huge since we were stuck at fields with very limited options. It helps to be able to filter for these specifics when searching for your RV, especially when traveling with a child. Finally, we needed a reasonable cancellation policy. Since we had to keep in mind that things could change at the last minute due to Covid, not to mention we had a toddler to think about, we didn’t want to over-commit. 

It really was easy to find the perfect rental for our situation and family. We couldn’t have been happier with how our rental turned out, and it was so much fun to pull up to the field in our big RV. If you find yourself in the Nashville area looking to rent, please check out the RV we rented! We’re looking forward to finding our next reason to rent again!