Our Favorite End of Summer Activities

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The end of summer doesn’t have to be sad. In fact, it’s a great time to take an RV trip!

(OK, we always think it’s a great time to take an RV trip. But that doesn’t make it any less true.)

We love summer RV camping, of course, but an end of summer RV trip is truly special. Depending on how late in the year and where you go, the temperatures have fallen off a little and you won’t suffocate in excessive humidity. You might even get to see the leaves changing if you wait a little bit longer, taking your trip closer to fall!

But now that the kids are back in school, it’s not always as easy as just packing up and hitting the road for your favorite destination. You might have less time to work with — which means you have to make every second of your trip count.

Good thing we put together this list of RV summer vacation ideas and our favorite end of summer camping activities, so you’ll have lots of fun, exciting options to choose from!

RV Summer Activities Near Me

No matter where you live, there’s always lots to see, do, and explore when you’re traveling by camper.

Don’t believe us? Check out our favorite RV summer activities list for some inspiration.

1. Head to an RV resort for a stress-free, all-inclusive trip.

Looking for wholesome family fun? Try out a Jellystone Park! Image via goodsamclub.com

We love an adventurous, off-grid getaway as much as the next camper, but when you’ve got limited time, it’s nice to take advantage of the convenience of a developed RV park or resort.

One of our favorites is the Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Parks family of campgrounds, which feature tons of activities and organized events and activities for the whole family. From splash zones with swimming pools and water slides to scavenger hunts and themed character weekends, it’s impossible to be bored at one of these locations — and there are over 75 to choose from across the country!

2. Want an adventure? Try boondocking somewhere local.

Depending on where you live, you might not have to go very far to get away from it all.

Check out the BLM’s website listing public land where dispersed camping is permitted and head to one of these remote campsites for a weekend of total disconnection — in a good way.

3. Gotta get away? Fly to a destination and rent an RV when you get there.

Sometimes, you just need an exotic getaway. But when you’ve only got a few days to deal with, it might be impossible to drive to your dream destination.

If funding isn’t an issue, you could consider flying to your destination and then renting an RV once you get there. That way, you get the best of both worlds: the efficiency of air travel and the comfort and relaxation of having your own private space!

RV Summer Activities Calendar

Need more ideas for how to keep busy on your next great adventure? We’ve got ’em right here.

4. Make the most of your woodlands trip by hiking, biking, and exploring.

If you really want to enjoy your trip, here’s the secret: Don’t spend the whole weekend tucked away inside, lounging around on the couch.

It’s called camping for a reason. So get outside and explore the beautiful landscape around you! Whether you head to the mountains or the woods, and whether you do it by bicycle, on horseback, or just on your own two feet, you’ll thank yourself for the effort — not least because all of your friends will be drooling over the landscapes on your Instagram.

5. Or head to the coast for a relaxing few days lounging by the beach.


Hey — “end of summer” still has the word “summer” in it. And no vacation is as quintessentially summer as relaxing by (and in) the ocean.

So if you live within driving distance of a coast, head on out for a weekend of swimming, sunning, and sipping frozen cocktails. You deserve it, no matter what month of the year it is. (Plus, winter is coming… enjoy the warmth while you can!)

End of Summer RV Events

If you’re really looking to kick your camping game up a notch, why not take your end of summer RV rental to a fun event?

6. For an unforgettable adventure, head to a festival.

If you’ve never been camping at a festival, you’re truly missing out on one of the most iconic RVing experiences you can get. There’s nothing like gathering together with hundreds of other people all celebrating the same thing as you are — whether that’s music, arts and crafts, food or something else entirely.

Keep in mind that some festivals, especially popular music festivals, can come with a hefty price tag, and also have a tendency to sell out. So if you want to take on this particular end of summer adventure, make sure you start looking for events in your area sooner rather than later!

End of Summer RV Camping

Really strapped for cash and time? There is one last end-of-summer activity that never fails…

7. Don’t forget the power of your own backyard!

The real fun of RVing is all about the people you share the experience with — and you can make time for your favorite folks anywhere in the world.

That includes your very own backyard, which is conveniently located… well, right there at home. You can camp out in the driveway, fire up the grill for dinner, and totally forget that you never left home. (And hey, if you don’t have a fire pit, don’t forget that you can totally make s’mores in the oven! Just don’t try to microwave them… been there, done that, had to clean it up.)

From floating in the ocean to hiking in the mountains or woods, or even just relaxing in a hammock somewhere, the end of summer is ripe with opportunity for fun and rejuvenation.

So, where will your end of summer travels take you?