RV Shower-Toilet Combo: Read This Before Buying

RVs offer the ultimate traveling experience for couples, individuals, or families who are drawn to the thrill of the open road. The home-away-from home experience is achieved in an RV by offering amenities such as a kitchen, real bed, and indoor bathroom.

RV bathrooms can range from luxury rooms will giant showers and fancy fittings, to a basic toilet & sink, and everything in between. One type of RV shower is called a wet bath. This all in one shower & toilet combination is found in many smaller and vintage RVs.

A wet bath is a shower toilet combo that offers all the features of a regular bathroom, in a compact package.

With so many makes and models of shower toilet combos available today, it can be overwhelming to decide what is best for you. If you are in the market for a shower toilet combo, or simply want to update your existing one, here are some aspects to consider.


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Type of Shower Head

One of the distinguishing aspect of any RV shower toilet combo is the shower head. Some of the choices are:

  • Single-head spray shower heads
  • Rain shower head
  • Hand-held shower heads
  • Water Saving Shower head

Shower Finishes

RV toilet showers are available in different finishes composed of varying metals such as chrome, nickel, stainless steel, bronze and more. Each of these finishes have their own pros and cons, so one is not necessarily better than others. Rather, it is best to pick the finish that is best suited to the decor of your RV, and more importantly, the finish that you like the best.

Shower Valves

Shower valves are often the neglected part of showers, and yet they are the real beauty behind each shower. It is these valves that adjust the temperature and pressure of the water to give you the best bathing experience. You can choose from:

  • A mixing valve that adjusts the temperature
  • A pressure-balance valves that helps to adjust the pressure
  • A thermostatic valves that gives an extra uniformity for pressure.

While each of these valves are important, the choice depends on the level of importance you attach to the temperature and pressure.

Water Saving

When you are traveling in an RV, water is often a precious resource. Hence, it makes sense to choose showers that are designed to use minimal water, while still providing a great shower experience.

Luxury Features

Some RV toilet showers combos come with luxury features such as digital controls and steam showers. Just remember that you may have to pay a premium for these features.

Decor and Bathroom Size

The design of the shower toilet combo for your RV should match with the decor of your bathroom. Also, the shower should be ideal for the bathroom size of your RV. Since the size of the bathroom depends to a large extent on the make and model of the RV, this is an important factor to consider before buying the right RV shower toilet sink combo.


RV shower toilet combo are available in a wide price range. Have a budget in mind before heading out to shop and do some prior research to ensure you are not compromising quality for price. Your budget should help you to purchase a quality RV shower toilet that does not break the bank.

By keeping these factors in mind you should be able to successfully choose the RV shower toilet combo that it right for you. 

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