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With everything else that goes on in your RV one thing you may not have much thought to is the place where you give your feet a rest – the seats. If you have ever driven for eight, ten or even twelve hours in an uncomfortable driver’s seat you will appreciate the importance of a good supportive captain chair. If you’ve watched a Netflix marathon of movies you know the importance of a nice recliner. If you have ever been a guest in an RV, you know the importance in having a nice comfortable sofa that converts into a bed.

With limited space in your RV each and every item needs to have more than one purpose.  After all you are taking the bare minimum amount of space and making it your comfortable home away from home, or in some cases your only home.

If you find yourself needing to replace your RV seats, look no further than this article.

Seats for your RV just like any other type of furniture, they come in all different shapes, sizes, décor and price ranges.

Captain Chairs

First let’s take a look at Captain Chairs. When you think of RV seats, these may be the first that come to mind. They are the seats that can make or break a long day of driving for both the driver and co-pilot. When making the decision to purchase a set of Chaptain chairs, this is not the place to cut corners. You will want good quality, comfortable chairs that fit your personal shape and size.



Class A Captain Chairs:

These seats are usually level with the main floor of your RV. They will normally swivel around and can be used as dinning room chairs, or to view the TV or another focal point in your living room such as a fireplace. Class A seats may even recline, or have additional options such as built in heat or a remote controlled massages feature.

Class C Captain Chairs:

These are the “little brothers” to the Class A chairs and one major difference is these chairs don’t usually recline. Unlike the Class A type that are on the same level as the interior, the Captain chairs in a Class C motorhome are located a in the step down cab of the interior. It is still very important to choose one that meets your needs and level of comfort.

Material Options:

Both Class A and Class C chairs can be covered in your choice of material. Some of the options are vinyl, fabric, a durable polyurethane in either haloleather or ultraleather, and a top of the line kashmira fabric which is super soft and classed as heavy for duty wear.

Extra Options:

  • Adjustable arms
  • Manual or power lumbar
  • Remote swivel
  • Remote slide and swivel
  • Heated seats
  • Build in massage


As you can see there are a wide variety of options for captain chairs, which leads to a wide variety of prices. You can expect to pay at least $350 – $500 for economy, $500-$900 for middle class, and $900 and up for top of the line captain chairs.

Both Class A and Class C captain chairs should meet the federal and industry safety standards, which you will find with any reputable company.

One important factor is to make sure the seats you purchase are designed for your motorhome. Did you know that your insurance company can deny coverage in an accident if your seats are not approved for the vehicle you have? Most companies that sell RV seats clearly state which options are for which specific class of motorhome.

You can’t look for RV seats, or for that matter any RV furniture, without running into the brand Flexsteel. This company has been around quite awhile. Since the late 1800’s to be exact, and they still manufacture most of the furniture you find in you modern RVs. There is a reason this company has been around such a long time, they make a good product! You can purchase Flexsteel furniture from any authorized dealer, but not from the company itself.

RV Sofa

Now let’s talk about another seat in your RV -the sofa. This piece of RV furniture is replaced more often than other piece of furniture. The sofa is a lot like the kitchen in your home – a general place for people to congregate. The first place most people who come into your RV is on your sofa.

In addition to a comfy place to sit, RV sofas usually convert into a bed. Now if it’s just two people traveling in an RV this may not be an important factor. But if you are like me, with two kids and one of them always wants to bring a friend, you’ll agree that we need all the extra sleeping space we can get! Let’s take a look at some of the different types of RV sofas.

Easy Bed

This type of RV sofa lifts up and pulls out to form a bed. You sleep length wise. These are best for occasional use only.

Magic Bed

This type converts by lifting the seat base and pulling it out towards you while the legs support the bed. You also sleep length wise, and it fits standard double bed sheets providing more room than the Easy bed.

Sofa Sleeper

This type of sofa converts into a full size bed, with a slightly shorter width. The added size takes up more room in your RV.  Usually 86-inches of clearance is required for a sofa sleeper. They also use standard mattress sheets up to a queen size.

Jacknife Sofa

The jackknife sofa is commonly found in Class C Motorhomes or travel trailers and pull out like the Easy beds.

Fold and Tumble Sofa Sleeper

This sofa provides the advantage of a larger bed with a built-in inflatable mattress. Queen sheets will fit this bed, and it requires about 10-inches less space than the standard sofa sleeper.

Custom Lounges and Sectionals

Really the sky is the limit here, or your pocket book, which ever way you want to look at it.

RV Recliners

Just like RV Sofa Beds, RV Recliners come in all different shapes, sizes and materials to fit your needs.

Some even come as double recliners with a fold down drink holder or storage compartment in the middle. This type could be used to replace a sofa. How about one with a remote massage? How would that feel after a long day driving?

RV recliners come in many shapes and styles as well. If you’re concerned about space, RV recliners are a great choice because they come in some really narrow sizes. Some are small enough to fit in a 29-inch wide opening, and they also break down to fit through the door of you RV.

Non-Traditional RV Furniture

Many RVers are leaning towards using household furniture instead of RV specific made furniture.

If you do your homework, this can work in many cases. Things to think about are making sure you measure the space you have. Keep in mind that most traditional furniture does not break down to fit through the door of your RV. Before making modifications to your RV make sure there are not pipes, ducts and electrical wires under the floor that you may damage.

More Tips:

Sometimes all you need to spruce up your RV furniture is a change in the covers. If your furniture is in good condition you may want to go this route. Any upholstery shop can reupholster your furniture.

Or maybe a simple change in color scheme is what you need to update your RV? Modern colored and patterned throw pillows and curtains are an easy and inexpensive way to create an updated look.

Another tip for updating your RV is a fresh coat of paint! Yes, don’t be afraid to paint your walls and furniture. With the right prep, good materials and do-it-yourself videos and guides, even an inexperienced painter can look like a pro.

One last thing your could do is to replace old light fixtures with residential fixtures to make your RV feel more like home. Install under the cabinet LED lights or even rope lights.

Remember to let your style flow into your RV. It will make it more like a home and an extension of your personality.

If you enjoyed this article and think it was helpful to please share. As always, Happy Camping!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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