Selecting The Best RV Ladder Bike Rack For Your RV

RVing with the comforts of home is just how we love to travel, and that means taking our bikes. How do you select the best ladder bike rack for your RV? Choosing the best RV ladder bumper bike rack isn’t difficult, once you do a little research about RV ladder bike racks, and how they work.  Once done, you should be able to make a great consumer choice.

The ladder bike rack should be the appropriate size for your particular RV ladder. One size does not fit all. Check the width, height, and style of your RV ladder. Double-check your RV ladder weight rate. Most RV ladder bike racks will hold a 250-pound load, but it’s best to check the weight rate for your specific ladder to be sure. RV ladder bike racks will only carry two bikes.


RV ladder bike rack styles will hook onto the steps of the ladder, or mount to the support bars of the ladder. Some RV ladder bike racks install onto the ladder without any necessary tools. Other styles require minimal installation. Bike racks for RV ladders are made of lightweight aluminum, and are usually rustproof.

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Straps should be used to hold the bikes during travel, to lessen shifting or movement. Straps which hold the bikes secure can be found in different materials, such as webbing, vinyl, and rubber. Straps of a rubber material seem to work the best, according to reviews.

The ladder bike rack will allow easy access to your tow vehicle, if you have one. Bikes can hang vertically or horizontally on the ladder bike rack, depending on the manufacturer and style.  This is a plus for travel trailers, 5th wheels, and motorhomes. Bike racks for camper ladders stow bikes horizontally.

Another nice feature you may consider, before selecting your ladder bike racks, is adjustable padded holders. This option keeps your bikes nicely snug, and avoids shifting while traveling.

Other styles may include a pivoting arm, to allow for full use of the RV ladder when bikes aren’t being carried. The RV ladder is fully functional with this option, by having the RV bike rack moved to one side, by swinging the pivot arm. This is a handy feature, if you need ready access to your RV ladder.

The Swagman Ladder Bike Rack holds 2 bikes and has easy installation.



By using this information you should be able to select the best RV ladder bike rack, which will allow you to easily carry your bikes on the back of any RV.

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