RV Camping at NASCAR: The BEST Way To Experience The Tracks

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Want to camp at the infield? One of the best things about RVs is that they can be used for anything, including RV camping at NASCAR races! RVs are perfect for occasions like these – self-sustained, packed with amenities, and mobile! If you wanted to, you could even follow the championship around. And you wouldn’t be the only one. RVing is so popular that many drivers and their teams embrace RVing as a lifestyle. Don’t take our word for it, you can read professional race car driver Daniel Hemric’s words and experience RVing with RVshare here

Why you will love RV camping in NASCAR races

RVing is the best option for NASCAR races not only because it’s a home on wheels packed with amenities, but because they unlock a completely new experience. Almost all speedways offer RV camping access and it doesn’t end with a parking spot. RV camping on the track gets you access to a whole new side of NASCAR, one you wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise. The perks include free fan entertainment zones with concerts, driver appearances, autograph sessions, concession stands, family-friendly games and so much more! 

Another reason why you will love this experience is the pre-game activities. If you love a good tailgate, just wait until you experience one from your RV patio on the infield! Having all the conveniences and amenities of a home makes it comfortable and easy to have a good time. Your private area to host in and escape to, or a home base to collect yourself during the weekend events. 

RV camping at the tracks

The best part? You don’t need to own an RV to enjoy this unique accommodation experience! RVshare makes RV rentals for any occasion easy and NASCAR is one of them. One RV rental offering that will give you an experience like no other? Our all-inclusive RV camping NASCAR tickets. These rental packages take care of everything from setup to teardown. All you have to do is show up and be ready for an unforgettable experience! 

What to expect – RVing at NASCAR FAQ

Tryingo ut this new experience can bring about many questions, so let’s cover the basics!

How much does it cost to RV camp at NASCAR?

RV camping tickets for NASCAR vary greatly in cost depending on the site. Tickets can start as low as $75 for basic sites, these do not offer RV hookups and are usually the furthest way from the action. Premier sites with full hookups and/or track views (as well as other special perks depending on the tracks) can go as high as $6,000. Prices vary depending on track, event and location.

Are there full hook-ups or is it dry camping?

As mentioned above, access to hook-ups and other RV services varies according to your ticket. Most RV camping NASCAR tickets are for dry camping. However, many tracks offer door-to-door RV services like water refill and wastewater disposal. These services can incur an additional fee, so make sure you check beforehand.

three kids playing cornhole outside RV

Is this a family-friendly event?

Although you can’t deny that many of the events and environments at NASCAR are more suited for adults, you will be surprised to find out that many tracks also offer family-friendly activities and zones. For example, Dover Motor Speedway offers ‘kid zone’ areas that cater to the little ones. This year you will find the world’s biggest bounce house as well as live music, games, and lots more!

What type of RV site options are there?

You can book RV camping tickets in different areas according to what you are looking to experience. Infield sites are the closest to the tracks (and the quickest to sell out). These offer an up close and personal view of the race. If you want to cut down on driving to and from the race every day and don’t really care to be close to the action, then reserving a spot in an outside lot is the best option. Another alternative is dedicated family areas. These are perfect if you are looking for a quieter, family-friendly option.

Two unique ways to experience RVing at NASCAR this season

RVshare wants to invite you to the ultimate NASCAR weekend. We curated two special RV rental packages for two of the most popular tracks. We want to do all the work so you can just enjoy the fun part. Ready for an unforgettable experience?

Dover Motor Speedway – (April 27-May 1, 2023)

Opened in 1969, this speedway track in Dover, Delaware hosts one NASCAR race each year. This fan-favorite track is also known as Monster Mile and promises to live up to its name. Experience this track with an exclusive RVshare Rental package. These rental packages sleep 4 guests in modern, fully furnished RVs that are close to all the action and fun. You can book these RV rental packages for two or four nights, depending on the events you would like to attend. Packages include an RV spot in Lot 2, power hookups, water tank servicing, waste servicing, and ice delivery.

Want to explore more of Dover, Delaware? Start here!

Nashville NASCAR track
LEBANON, TENNESSEE – JUNE 26: Denny Hamlin, driver of the #11 FedEx Office Toyota, leads the field during the NASCAR Cup Series Ally 400 at Nashville Superspeedway on June 26, 2022 in Lebanon, Tennessee. (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Nashville Superspeedway (June 22 – 26, 2023)

Thirty miles from Nashville you will find this super-speedway track. In addition to NASCAR, this track welcomes Ally 400 this year for the second time in a row. RVshare is offering exclusive packages that sleep 4 guests in modern, fully furnished RVs close to all the action and fun. Rentals are for four nights or two nights. Packages include an RV spot in Lot 2, power hookups, water tank servicing, waste servicing, and ice delivery.

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Only want the RV rental, not the tickets? We have those packages too! You can select and book your preferred package with just three steps. We really aren’t joking when we say we will do the work so you can just show up and enjoy!

Race Weekend Travel Tips

Book Early 

Whether you bring your RV or you are looking for a rental, one of the most popular places to camp will be in the NASCAR infield RV parking and camping area. Remember that motorhomes are highly common at racing events; therefore prime and preferred camping spots sell out quickly. Make your reservations well in advance at the time you purchase your race tickets to ensure you have a spot. 

RVs parked at NASCAR


Although some tracks have mini-markets inside the camping areas, you won’t want to depend on finding what you need onsite. Stock up your RV before arriving with all the provisions you’ll need to have a good time. This is a great way to stay within budget while maximizing the great amenities your RV offers, like a full-size fridge! 

Pack for the weather 

An important part of enjoying your time on the tracks comes down to having everything you need. Since all of the race day activities take place outside, you’ll want to make sure you check the weather before packing up your bags. Don’t forget important weather-dependent items like sunscreen, hats, rain jackets, and comfortable shoes. 

Now that you have all the answers and the perfect RV rental package all you have to do is start a countdown and get ready for an unforgettable experience!