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While I was planning my 6th Cross country roadtrip, going on the i40 most of the way, I discovered a free RV Museum on route 66 in Amarillo Texas. If you’re a history lover like myself, finding a RV Museum is something you don’t come across everyday, but is definitely worth a stop if you can find one! I always enjoy touring different RV’s and campers, checking out different layout & designs. It’s very exciting if they are rare vintage campers you don’t see everyday. I knew I had to check it out!

The Jack Sisemore Traveland RV Museum was started by Father Jack and Son Trent. They have a passion for collecting and restoring vintage RVs, campers, motorcycles and memorabilia. For the last 25 years, they have collected a unique display of campers that go as far back as the 1930’s all the way up to the 1970’s. 

When I first walked into the museum, I felt like I was walking through a time capsule. The unique collection of RV’s blew me away! You can tell with most of these older campers, the quality and the attention to detail is unmatched when compared to today’s RV’s.

The World’s First Winnebago Itasca

One of Winnebago’s oldest RV’s, the world’s first Itasca has a happy home in the Traveland RV Museum. This beautiful RV was built in 1975. It’s first home was in Winnebago’s welcome center for over 20 years. 

This Itsca was barely driven, with only 6,000 miles on its odometer. The motorhome comes fully equipped with roof A/C, L.P Furnace, Generator, Gas/Electric Fridge and water heater. This surprised me, it pretty much has everything my newer 2016 RV has. 

Vintage Winnebago RV

You can tell once you walk inside, this RV’s pristine condition. This was one of my favorite campers to tour because of its clever layout and attention to detail. When you walk inside, you are greeted by a sunflower yellow shag carpet that beautifully compliments the floral blue upholstery that adorns the seat covers. When I sat in the driver’s seat, I instantly felt at ease, the leather & fabric design made for a comfortable seat and looks great as well.

Interior Vintage Winnebago RV

In the cab area, there are two fold out sofas that turn into beds and a dinette. The kitchen’s fully equipped with a full oven, deep sink and convection microwave. Towards the back is a full bathroom, the shower has a small deep tub if you wanted to take a nice mini bubble bath. And the closet space was big enough for a nice size wardrobe. 

The World’s Oldest Airstream

If you ever wondered what the first Airstream looks like, look no further than this museum. This 1935 Torpedo Airstream was owned by one family, the Holman Family for 81 years. Because of how old this airstream is, we couldn’t step inside, but from the windows, you can see the craftsmanship that was put into the first airstream. When I peeked inside from the window, it reminded me of a ship house boat. This airstream was decked out from floor to ceiling in beautiful chestnut wood. It was a pretty simple layout, but had an element of elegance to it that is unmatched. From the outside, I love the “1935” engraving with the stars, it’s definitely a one of a kind camper you will never soon forget. 

Rare War Trailers & Motorcycles 

One of the most interesting trailers I came across was the 1941 Westcraft Trailer and 1936 Alma that was parked next to a 1942 Harley Davidson WLA. 

Vintage RV museum

First, the 1936 Alma’s story is so unique! This vintage trailer was found in a barn 20 miles from the Alma factory! This beautiful trailer is all original and has not been restored, but was used during WW2. Walking inside, you can tell it didn’t need any restoration, it’s in pristine condition! What I loved most about this unrestored trailer was the wood craftsmanship and the amazing furnace that’s nestled next to the kitchen. Next to the trailer is the famous 1942 Harley Davidson WLA, also known as the “motorcycle that won the war”, these were the motorcycles used in WW2. This Harley Davidson WLA is properly equipped and restored to its original condition. 

Finally, the 1941 Westcraft Trailer is rare because of its trolly roof, of which very few exist. When you walk inside, you can see how the trolley roof gives the trailer a wider “train passenger car” feel. The Westcraft was made in Los Angeles. Westcraft  made top of the line trailers from the 1940’s and 1950’s. This specific  trailer was owned by a WW2 Defense Worker.

Vintage Westcraft RV trailer

What I loved most about this trailer was the living space, it reminded me of walking into a Gentleman’s Study. You’re greeted by two luxurious leather seats, a gorgeous antique radio that has an important part of history resting on its top shelf: A photograph of the battleship Sigourney used in WW1 & WW2 and was signed by 17 United States Presidents. 

Taking a trip to this historic RV Museum left me inspired with it’s attention to detail and craftsmanship. The Sisemore family did an amazing job displaying and preserving this unique part of history. If you’re on the route 66 road trip and happen to stop by Amarillo Texas, this place is definitely worth a stop!

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