The 8 Best Outdoor Speakers – Read this before you buy!

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There’s a lot to plan when you set off on an RV trip! From the general maintenance of things like RV batteries and appliances to planning what to eat and where to go, it’s easy to set your brain spinning with all the different parts of plotting your trip.

Just don’t forget one thing.

Have fun!

This post is about one of the fun aspects of RV camping. Outdoor RV speakers add that extra little touch when you’re enjoying your time relaxing at your campsite. They take something like grilling dinner and turn it into a dance party, or elevate your glass of wine on the patio to extra-fancy with some jazz or classical music in the background. RV exterior speakers can set the mood for whatever you’re doing.

Outdoor RV Speakers

Of course, it’s also important to be a good neighbor. Make sure you’re not blasting your music in a quiet campground, and be aware of the noise rules and general feelings of your fellow campers. On the other hand, if you do it right – they may come to join you!

8 Best RV Outdoor Speakers

Here are some of the best outdoor camper speakers you can use to play your sweet tunes.

1.) BOSS Audio Systems Marine Speakers

These speakers are weatherproof, durable, and long-lasting. They can withstand high temperatures and have longer play times.

You can choose from several sizes of speakers from 5.25-6.5 inches, and several watts from 150-350. You can also choose black or white speakers, depending on your preference. The speakers have excellent reviews, in part because their dome shape allows them to disperse sound over a wider range.

Price: $29.24 for a pair

2.) Jensen MS5006W Dual Cone Waterproof RV Speaker

Another speaker set that has great reviews, the Jensen speakers are waterproof and treated with UV protection so they won’t crack or fade. They’re easy to install and get high marks for excellent sound quality. These speakers are 5.25 inches. A few reviewers have noted that their speakers only lasted a year or two, but the price may make that a risk worth taking.

Price: $22.84 for a pair

3.) Pyle Marine Speakers

These speakers are waterproof as well, and measure 5.25 inches. They have a two-way full range audio allowing for surround sound, and they put out 180 watts. They also have built-in LED lights for an extra fun feature. The low-profile, sleek black design is classy, and they’re easy to install.

Price: $32.99 for a pair

4.) KING RVM1001 Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

This speaker comes with 45 cool white LED lights that likely provide more lighting than your actual outdoor RV lights. The Bluetooth speaker has a built-in power amplifier that provides a great quality sound. The speaker can be hardwired to your RV so it won’t need batteries, and it comes with a waterproof enclosure. The speaker comes in black or white.

Price: $140

5.) Polk Audio DB522 DB+ Series Coaxial Marine Speakers

This set of coaxial speakers are marine certified, which also means they’re water-resistant. They can also withstand humidity, UV radiation, fog, salt, and dirt. The signature sound quality gets great reviews, and they feature a simple drop-in installation for any type of vehicle.

Price: $79.00 for a pair

6.) Pyramid Dual Waterproof Marine Speakers

These 5.25-inch speakers have 100 watts of power, great sound quality, and are waterproof. They also withstand sun damage. They come with the mounting hardware and wiring that’s required for installation, and they come with a one-year warranty.

Price: $23.41 for a pair

7.) Magnadyne Waterproof Marine And Hot Tub Speaker

Because these were made for hot tubs, these speakers are waterproof and hold up well outside. The speakers are 5-inches, and produce 25 watts each. The speakers weigh one pound, which means you can set them up pretty much anywhere.

Price: $29.99 for a pair

8.) Alpine Marine Speakers

These Alpine speakers have 110 watts and a frequency response of 60-22,000 Hz. While they have a titanium dome,  they’re also waterproof and can hold up in high temperatures. They can also stand up to UV light.

Price: $79.96 for a pair

What are the best RV outdoor waterproof speakers

All of the RV outside speakers we listed above are waterproof and most are resistant to UV rays as well. When you’re looking for outside RV speakers, speakers you find that are labeled “marine” speakers will almost certainly be waterproof – they have to be, to function on a boat! Hot tub speakers will be waterproof as well.

What are the best outside camper speakers

When you’re searching for the best outdoor camper speakers, you’ll want to determine a few things first. Of course, there’s your budget. Most of the speakers listed above are very easy on the wallet, but there are some more expensive options available.

Then you’ll want to determine whether you want speakers that are easy to install yourself, or whether you want to hire someone to install them. Do you want portable speakers you can move inside your RV when you’re not outdoors? Does color and style matter to you? Are you picky about your sound quality?

The features you look for in your speakers are going to vary from other RV speaker buyers, so determine what works best for you and your lifestyle before you purchase them.

As we mentioned above, one of the most important parts of your RV trip is to make sure you have fun! One aspect of setting a fun tone is to have music playing while you’re enjoying yourself outdoors at your RV campground. But you can play your music while doing other fun things as well!

Check out our list of “80+ Great Camping Activities for Nearly Everyone.” Put on some tunes and try one of those activities after you’ve set up camp.

If you need some tips on where, exactly, to set up your camp, be sure to check out our database of top Campgrounds & RV Parks in every state.

Now…let’s see those dance moves!