What You Need To Know About Your RV Sewer Hose Storage

Most campgrounds are RV-friendly, but some are not. You may end up in a campground that requires you to have an extra couple feet of sewer and water hose, so as to access those utilities.

RV sewer-hose-storage

Storing extra water hoses, and such items, is very easy to do in such a large vehicle as an RV, but how about an extra 20-feet of stinky sewer hose? Do you have room for that under your kitchen sink?

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Only one hose fits in the bumper so where do you keep that extra hose?

You can buy additional RV sewer storage kits. These are kits that fit near the dump valves. They contain the additional hose you need, in a convenient case.

If you are looking to spend the least amount of money possible, you can custom build a tube for yourself using PVC tubing or a fence post or square tube hose carrier.

DIY sewer hoses

DIY RV sewer hose storage tube–

5×5 plastic fence posts
2 end caps
1 length of plastic gutter
Piece of PVC pipe
Something to attach the tube to the RV

  1. Drill holes in the gutter and the fence post so as to help with draining.
  2. Put the end caps on the PVC pipe then screw the gutter onto each cap.
  3. Attach the fence post to the gutter
  4. Attach this to whatever part of the RV you intend to.

The holes you drilled through the pipe will ensure that any moisture left in the pipe will dry out as you drive along.

extra sewer storage

Where do you store your sewer hose?

Comment below and tell us!

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