Must-Visit Ghost Towns on Route 66

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Route 66, also known as the Mother Road, is one of the best road trip routes in the United States. Established in 1926, the route served as a major road for people migrating west. For an exciting and memorable voyage along this famous road, visit the Route 66 ghost towns.

The following are the top seven ghost towns on Route 66 that are worth a visit.

Glenrio, Texas

If you want to learn about the Texas of long ago, a visit to the forgotten town of Glenrio is a must. In addition to the old ruins of the Endee Motor Court that will unfold many stories to keep you thinking for many days, you will discover old gas stations, bars, western themed motels, and much more. You may not find many tourist facilities in this town, but you can surely stop here for a couple of hours to get the feel of this old town in Texas.


Adventures of a Goodman

Newkirk, New Mexico

Very few people reside in the tiny town of Newkirk. However; it is one of the best ghost towns along Route 66. Here you will find abandoned houses, gas stations and stores. This former railroad town is an exciting, if somewhat spooky, place to check out.



Dilia, New Mexico

The town of Dilia has about 600 current residents. Find some locals and ask them about the town’s history. With plenty of deserted buildings and old adobes, you will surely get a spooky feeling when out exploring. While you are there, do not miss out on the Sacred Heart Church where you can see the lovely altar screen.

Afton, Oklahoma

To visit some of the buildings that have been featured in movies, the town of Afton is the place to be. This town has many empty streets and old buildings worthy of exploration. You can even stay in town for a night as there are some descent motels with comfy rooms.

Spencer, Missouri

The village of Spencer is located to the west of Paris Springs along Route 66. Here you can dive into the culture of Route 66. The truss bridge will give you all the required fun and thrill on your voyage if you enter the town from the east. As soon as you cross the bridge, you will see numerous buildings and vintage gas stations that will transport you back to another era.



Erick, Oklahoma

Erick has many skyscrapers that throw long shadows across the road. After Route 66 came into existence, the old salons and cattle yards were converted into truck shops and coffee shops. When you are there, make sure to visit the Curiosity Shop as this is one of the most distinctive roadside establishments on Route 66.

Oatman, Arizona

To experience the toughness of the Arizona desert, take a visit the Oatman where you will discover a wildlife refuge along the Colorado River on the outskirts of town. This now desolate town once had over 10,000 residents. Now it is a true ghost town with derelict hotels, houses, and saloons lining the main drag.



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