Thanks, Mom! 9 Mother’s Day Gifts and Ideas for RV Mamas

Let’s face it: with everything she does for the family, mom deserves way more than one day a year of being celebrated. And since Mother’s Day is finally rolling around again — it falls on Sunday, May 13 this year — we thought we’d take a moment to make sure this year’s homage to all things mom is extra special… especially if your mama is an RV owner!

From gotta-have-it camping accessories, like cozy folding camp chairs and a quality road map, to fun extras that’ll make mom’s daily to-do list that much easier (can you say Instant Pot?), there are a lot of gizmos and gadgets that can make an RVer smile. You can even find thematic gifts that’ll become instant favorites, like this fun camping hat or this totally-appropriate coffee mug. I mean, come on — mom definitely is the queen of the RV, right?

Mom deserves to be handsomely thanked and rewarded for all she does on a daily basis, and you can do way better than flowers. So without further ado, here are some of the best, most unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for the camping-crazy matriarch in your life.

Gifts for Mom

Here are some camping gifts that are absolutely perfect for an RVin’ mama.

1. A Passport America Membership

What mom — heck, what camper, period — doesn’t want to save some extra money and find awesome new campgrounds at the same time?

Passport America is the only discount camping club that gets you 50% off your campsite accommodation fees at almost 1900 campgrounds across the nation. With that many to choose from, mom’s favorite destination is surely on the list!

And since it costs less than $50 for a year, a Passport America membership easily pays for itself in just one weekend… and makes for one of the best gifts for RV and motorhome owners we can think of, moms, dads, and solo adventurers alike.

2. Queen of the RV — and Coffee

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Every queen deserves her throne — and a quality cup of java to enjoy while she sits on it. Make mom feel like RV royalty with this ceramic mug, which is also dishwasher friendly. One less chore for the woman of the hour!

3. Camping Hair? Don’t Care!

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Even when it’s thrown back in a messy bun or just forgotten about entirely, mom totally rocks whatever hairstyle she’s sporting. It’s all about attitude — and when you’re busy having the time of your life around the campground, who can be bothered with taming tresses?

This cute hat will keep mom’s face out of the sun and help her secure that wild mane easily, so she can get back to the important stuff: having fun.

4. RV There Yet? Wine Glasses

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At the end of a long day of driving or exploring, nothing’s quite as comforting to mom as a glass (or three) of her favorite vino. With these camping-themed, dishwasher safe stemless wine tumblers, it’s safe to say mom will feel as if she’s arrived!

RV Gift Ideas

Looking for even more RV-friendly gifts for mom? We’ve got you covered!

5. Instant Pot

Image via Amazon

When it comes to perfect gifts for an RV enthusiast, an Instant Pot is hard to beat — especially if the enthusiast in question is the one who’s usually responsible for dinner. (And let’s be real: if the grill‘s not involved, dad’s probably sitting it out.)

An Instant Pot provides a huge range of culinary applications in one convenient, small footprint… and it’s super easy to clean, too. Besides, chances are, you’re going to be eating whatever delicious stuff comes out of it… so it’s a gift for you just as much as for mom!

6. Home is Where We Park It Doormat

Image via Amazon

This welcome mat is a quick way to remind a camping mom that home is wherever you make it when you’re RVing — and to keep those dirty feet from grubbing up her nice, clean floors!

7. National Parks Fridge Magnet Map Set

Image via Amazon

Is hitting every single National Park high on mom’s travel bucket list? This fridge magnet map set is a great way to keep tabs on where you’ve been — and what fun adventures are still to come!

Want to make the gift even better? Throw in a National Parks Passport to double-down on the travel-tracking fun, and maybe pony up for an America the Beautiful Annual Parks Pass, too!

Gifts for RV Campers

We’ve still got a few more Mother’s Day presents and RV gifts up our sleeves.

8. Personalized Retro Happy Campers Sign

Image via Amazon

Traveling with mom is a huge part of what makes your camping trips amazing, right? This personalized sign will remind her every day how much your adventures mean — and makes a great addition to any RV’s decor scheme.

9. New Trip Ideas!

Sure, things are nice… but experiences are even better. So if you and your family have been stuck in the same old vacation rut for a while, one of the best DIY Mother’s Day gifts is to help mom brainstorm some fun new adventures!

You can sit down and pore through this blog for some ideas — we’ve written about fun places to visit in summer, spring, fall, and even winter. But if you’re looking for something mom can actually unwrap on her big day, we suggest the following books, which will make fun (and useful!) additions to your RV’s library:

Mother’s Day Ideas

We hope this post has helped you think outside the box of chocolates (or bouquet of flowers) for Mother’s Day this year. After all, we can hardly think of a woman who’s more worth it.

Happy Mother’s Day — and thanks for all you do, moms!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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