Increasing Your Profits with Rental Add-Ons

RV Owners

Renting out your RV can be profitable. The question is, how can you make more money on your listing? I take pride in providing VIP service to my renters so everything they need is included in my rental. Items included in their rental are items required for a comfortable and worry-free vacation. These include linen, cookware, dishware, cleaning supplies, and more. The only thing they need to pack is their clothes & soaps. However, there are items my renters can choose to “Add-On” to their reservation. These additional items are offered to enhance their vacation, but it’s also a clever way to increase my profits. 

Owners’ opinions vary on what should and shouldn’t be included in a rental. The best part of renting out your RV is that you decide all of the details. As an owner, you set the price, deposit amount, duration, and additional items. You also decide how much to charge for each Add-On, but I suggest conducting a bit of research beforehand. It’s wise to have a clear understanding of how much owners are charging for similar products and services. Fees for Add-Ons should be based on similar listings, just like your daily rate comparables. Charge too much and the renter may not take advantage of the Add-On. 

Where To Start 

Before compiling a list of Add-Ons, take a few moments to scroll through some of the popular listings on RV rental platforms like RVshare. Look for listings with 5-star reviews and take notes on how they present their Add-Ons. What do they offer? What’s included in the rental? How much do they charge for additional items and services? Doing your homework will help you come up with creative ways to increase your profits. You may even come up with some new Add-Ons that you haven’t seen yet. Clever and unique ideas can help your listing stand out. 

Another good place to start is in your very own garage or storage areas. Most of the items you can offer as Add-Ons are already in your home. The camping gear and fishing rods that have been sitting in storage for months can now be used. Have an old bicycle or two that was supposed to go to donation? Yup, that can be rented out as well. Even the bike rack taking up space can be listed as an Add-On. After all, your renters need a way to haul your bikes around, right? The sky is the limit on what you can offer to your guests. You can also take those items into consideration when establishing a deposit amount for your listing. Any broken or missing items can be taken out of the rental deposit upon return. 

Your Area is Key

I’m based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re smack dab in the middle of some amazing national parks which include Zion National Park, Grand Canyon, and Death Valley. We’re also a 4 hour drive away from the beach in Los Angeles. All of these beautiful locations have one thing in common. It gets HOT around here! Weather is one of the most important factors when renting out RVs in my area. Peak season is in the summer, so the most popular Add-On I offer my guests is a generator. The air conditioner won’t work without a full hookup or generator, so I encourage my guests to consider adding it to their reservation. They will take it 9 out of 10 times if they are dry camping. 

Your surrounding areas can assist you in persuading your renters to add additional items. Are dump sites scarce or out of the way? Offer a Dump Service to your guests for an additional fee. Most renters are brand new and have never used an RV before. The thought of dumping tanks may confuse or even scare them. It would be convenient if it was done for them. This also ensures that it’s being done properly since you, as the pro, is the one dumping, and you get paid for it. 

Does it rain often nearby? Canopies, umbrellas, snow gear, and more can all be offered to reservations. Rivers or Lakes? Kayaks, paddles, swimming gear, and tubes can create a super fun time for your renters. Gaining knowledge about your surrounding areas can boost your rentals and your Add-Ons. 

RV & Reservation Services

Along with adding a dump service, you can offer other important RV services and items. My listing states a mandatory prep fee, but some owners list this service as optional. It ensures that I can properly prep and clean my units, which includes washing all of the linen and dishware. Cleaning services can be used as an Add-On, as well as gas and propane tank refills. 

New renters may not be proficient in towing large trailers or understand the different parts associated with towing. In this case, they may not have the right size hitch ball or a brake controller. This is another great tool you can offer. Instead of purchasing brand new tools, guests can rent it directly from you. These can include items such as a hitch ball, brake controller, sway bar system, and port adapters. This also gives you peace of mind that your travel trailer is towed with an adequate system. 

Your pickup and drop off times are probably set for a reason. I’d imagine It’s the most convenient for your schedule. But what if your renter needs to pick up early or drop off late? You’ll have to reschedule your busy days around these altered times. Yes, early pickups and late drop offs can be considered as Add-On services. Delivery and set up charges can also help to increase your profits.

Furry Friends & Littles

It’s important to consider furry friends when planning vacations. They may need boarding if we’re unable to bring them along. It’s nice to have the option of bringing them if we can. Pet accommodations are one of the first things renters consider when choosing a destination or in this case, an RV. A pet fee is a popular addition to a reservation. It can take extra time to clean and sanitize a unit after a pet reservation. Pet owners understand and it’s cheaper than having to pay for boarding. 

If you’re a parent, you understand how important it is to have the proper equipment when caring for a little one. But it can be difficult to pack and carry most of the bulky items. If you have items in storage that your Littles have grown out of, offer it as an Add-On. A “Baby Bundle” can be a lifesaver for parents. Items can include strollers, high chairs, pack n’plays, changing mats, car seats, or any other items you have on hand. This package is especially helpful for parents if they’re flying in to your area. 

Clear Communication

With all of these options, it can be confusing for a potential renter to figure out what is included in the rental and what is an added service. It’s important to properly communicate the difference in your listing. 

Creating an inventory list is a great way to communicate items included with the reservation. It helps your guests to properly pack for their trip. Having an inventory list on hand also helps you track any missing items. This list can be sent to your renters before their departure date. 

Are your creative wheels turning yet? The sky is the limit when it comes to increasing your profits with Add-Ons. Renters will appreciate the extra thought and conveniences. Get creative to increase your revenue and stand out above the rest!