How to Stock Your RV for Spring

How Tos & Tips

Springtime is camping time, and for those of us with RVs, this means cleaning and stocking the motorhome or trailer to get it ready for all the fun we’re going to have this season. That said, new RVers may not know where to begin when it comes to stocking their rig.

Wondering what kinds of camping supplies you need to head out on your very first spring vacation in your RV? Below is a list of the essentials you absolutely won’t want to forget.

A Class C RV parked in front of red rocks

Must-Have RV Checklist

Let’s begin by discussing the typical RV must-have items. This RV gear is essential to any RV trip. As long as you have these things packed away in your rig somewhere, you can rest easy knowing everything else is just icing on the cake.

  • Fresh Water Hose — You need a way to get fresh water to your home-on-wheels. A freshwater hose is just the thing.
  • Sewer Hose — Of course, you’ll want to get rid of wastewater too. This is where the sewer hose steps in.
  • Leveling Blocks — Nobody wants to hang out in a lopsided funhouse. For this reason, leveling blocks are a must.
  • RV Cookware — One of the best things about an RV is the fact that you can cook in it. Make sure to pack cookware!
  • Plates, Bowls, and Silverware — After cooking, you’ll need dishes to eat with. Stock up on plates, bowls, and silverware to keep in the RV. Plastic is usually best for this.
  • Sheets and Blankets — Sleeping on a bare mattress is never fun. Therefore, sheets and blankets are important. We recommend setting some aside especially for camping.
  • Towels and Washcloths — Another thing you’ll want to keep in the RV at all times is a set of towels and washcloths. After all, camping doesn’t have to mean being dirty, but you will need a way to wash up and dry off.
  • RV Toilet Paper — If you’re going to use your RV bathroom (and even if you think you won’t), be sure to bring RV-specific toilet paper.
  • Toiletries — Finally, you will want to keep shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and toothbrushes on hand during all camping trips in order to avoid smelling and feeling like Sasquatch.

Other Great RV Camping Accessories

Of course, there are some accessories that aren’t necessary for your RV to function, but sure do make life easier. These are some of our favorite things to keep on hand for every RV trip:

  • Jack Pads — Jack pads are ideal for protecting asphalt and concrete from the weight of your trailer. They are also perfect for keeping your jacks out of muddy grass.
  • Surge Protector — You never know when campground power might not be quite right, or when a storm might hit. For those reasons, we highly recommend getting a surge protector for your RV. They come in 30- and 50-amp versions.
  • Sewer Hose Support — A sewer hose is great, but something to support it and ensure all wastewater slides gracefully away is even better. This is why you should get a sewer hose support.
  • Water Filter — You’ll probably want to filter the water coming into your rig in order to avoid contaminants making their way into your RV water system. Luckily, RV water filters are easy to obtain and install.
  • Water Pressure Regulator — Another thing you can do to protect your water system is invest in a water pressure regulator. This will ensure the water pressure is never too high for the delicate water lines in your RV.
  • Blue Boy — Many people like to carry a blue boy for toting wastewater to the dump station when there’s no sewer hookup on their site. We find these to be quite handy and definitely recommend getting one.

Spring Travel Gear

Finally, we should discuss some season-specific gear you might want to pack. These things definitely aren’t needs, but they are fun and make celebrating the newfound warmth of spring super exciting.

  • Propane Fire Pit — Camping in spring means chilly nighttime temps. Keep warm wherever you may be parked with a propane fire pit.
  • Grill — Everyone is excited for the first cookout of the year. Why not make yours a part of your first camping trip of the year? A little grill is a great thing to have around, and a cookout is the perfect way to kick off the warm season.
  • Camping Chairs — Obviously, sitting outside to enjoy the gorgeous spring weather is a must. Make sure to pick up some camping chairs so you can do so in comfort!
  • Hammock — Alternatively, you could invest in a hammock to relax and enjoy the weather in. Just make sure it comes with a stand so you can put it up wherever you might be camping.
  • Springtime Toys — Finally, you may want to consider packing some springtime toys for the kids. Bubbles and kites are popular options, and sidewalk chalk can be tons of fun if it’s allowed in your campground.