How to Make Your RV More Green

How Tos & Tips

Living a “green” life is becoming more and more important with each passing year. Many people realized this ages ago and are living an environmentally conscious life each and every day. Meanwhile, there are those who are just jumping onto the eco-friendly bandwagon, and are only now learning the ropes.

In any case, the green lifestyle is one that is growing quickly. Of course, this means more and more people are wondering how to go green in their RVs, and we expect the questions on this subject to continue pouring in over the coming years.

In this article, we are going to address all of those questions. Read on to learn more.

Easy Steps to Environmentally Conscious Living

First, let’s address the basics of eco-friendly living. By keeping these things in mind, you will likely be able to make almost any activity a bit greener, meaning you can make a difference by little changes to every aspect of your life.

Once you understand these basics, you will have a better understanding of what you should do to make your camping trips a little bit greener.


The first and most important basic step is to reduce what you use. This applies in all aspects of life, from water and electricity to plastics. Finding ways to consume less means you’ll be using fewer resources, something that’s at the core of green living.


Sometimes you will have to get rid of things. In these cases, look for ways to reuse such items. This might mean using the items in a completely different way, or it could mean donating them. Making use of old items helps avoid overfilling landfills and results in fewer resources being used.


The last step is to recycle. Note that recycling is the last step for a reason. This should be a last resort after reducing and reusing, and while it is better than tossing things directly into the trash, it is still far from ideal. Even so, recycling whatever you can is definitely a good idea.

Creating a Green RV

Wondering how to use these basics to create an eco-friendly RV? Here are some of our favorite RV mod suggestions for making the ultimate “eco RV”:

Solar System

Adding solar panels (and all that goes along with them) to your RV is an excellent way to go green. These panels can remove the need to plug into shore power and may even make your generator obsolete, meaning you can be 100% self-sustained when it comes to electricity.

Composting Toilet

Stop wasting water and quit messing with a disgusting black tank by installing a composting toilet in your RV. We especially like this Nature’s Head option.

Faucet Mods

Install low-flow faucets at each of your RV sinks and upgrade to this Oxygenics shower head. This will reduce your water consumption without any noticeable sacrifice.

Awning Installation

Installing an awning can help keep your RV cool during the hot summer months. This reduces your A/C usage and therefore your power consumption.

LED Lights

The last upgrade on our list applies to your RV lights. Traditional lights consume a lot of power while also heating up your RV. By replacing your lights with LED lighting, you can save power and keep things cooler without the use of air conditioning.

Of course, if modifications are a bit much for you, you could also just purchase one of the many certified green RVs that are now on the market. These awesome rigs are as eco-friendly as they come, and include many of these upgrades and more.

Earth-Friendly Products

The next step to your dream green camper? Investing in environmentally friendly products.

Below are some green RV products you might stock up on.

Reusable Dishes

It can be tempting to turn to disposable plates and bowls during camping trips. However, this is extremely wasteful. Instead, invest in recycled-plastic dishes that can be used time and time again.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

You gotta keep your RV clean, but that doesn’t mean you need to use harsh chemicals. Picking up some eco-friendly cleaning products such as Better Life All Purpose Cleaner—or simply using vinegar, water, and baking soda mixtures—is a much better alternative.

Cloth Napkins

If you find yourself going through a lot of paper towels and napkins to clean up messes in your RV, it might be time to make the switch to cloth napkins and washcloths. These are easy enough to wash and can save tons of paper.

Foot-Powered Washing Machine and Clothesline

When laundry time rolls around, this foot-powered washing machine can do the job without any electricity at all. Better yet, it’s small, so it fits well into a travel trailer or motorhome. Throw the clean clothes on a clothesline to dry and you’ll be doing even better.

How to Be More Green While RVing

Investing in green mods and eco-friendly products is just the start. There are also many things you can change about the way you use your RV that will make a big difference.

These include the following:

Move Less Often

It’s no secret that RVs aren’t exactly fuel efficient. By staying in one place for longer periods of time, you’ll reduce the amount of fuel you use and give yourself more time to explore each area you visit.

Cover Your Windows

Covering your windows with Reflectix or something similar will help regulate the temperature in your RV without using any electricity or propane.

Use a Water Filter

It can be hard to trust campground water. This leads many campers to drink only bottled water. By installing a filter you can feel more confident drinking the tap water and skipping the plastic bottles.

Park in the Shade

Seeking out shade to park in during the summer months can make a big difference when it comes to how often you run the A/C. This is why we always park in the shadiest spot we can find.