How to Keep Your Camper Organized

Published on August 4th, 2019

Whether you live in your RV or simply use it for occasional trips, keeping the space organized is an absolute must. After all, nobody enjoys rummaging through messy cabinets to find the ingredients for dinner, and having no idea where you put the extra blankets when a chilly night rolls around is beyond frustrating.

On top of all that, because they are so tiny, a cluttered and unorganized space feels much worse in an RV than in a house, and can leave you feeling on edge and unable to relax.

Obviously, you want to be able to relax while in your tiny home-on-wheels. Therefore, finding a way to organize your trailer or motorhome is essential. Luckily, despite the small size of these units, most of them contain more storage space than you might think. Your job is to use this space wisely.

Below are some of our favorite motorhome and travel trailer storage ideas. Put these to use and you’ll be well on your way to an organized and peaceful RV.

Exterior RV Storage Ideas

Let’s begin by discussing the exterior of your RV. Most trailers and motorhomes come equipped with outdoor storage bays. These are ideal for stashing all of your outdoor equipment, as well as tools and other bulky, rarely used items.

Try these exterior RV organization ideas to get those storage bays under control:

  • Store power cords and water hoses on reels for easy access and to avoid tangles.
  • Install LED lights in storage bays to make finding things easier and prevent rummaging, which can mess up organization.
  • Put Scotch Command Hooks on the outside of your rig so you can hang bathing suits and towels to dry.

Storage Ideas: RV Interiors

Once your exterior storage is under control, it’s time to turn to the interior of your RV. Keeping the inside organized is even more important, and is what will truly bring you peace of mind.

Below are some of our best camper organization tips. Why not give them a try before your next big trip?

  • Store extra bedding and clothing in pillow covers and use these as decorative pillows on the couch or bed.
  • Hang a spice rack on the wall to keep spices well organized and out of the way.
  • An over-the-door shoe holder is one of the best RV organization accessories out there. Use one to organize toiletries in the bathroom, toys in the bunkroom, underwear and socks in the bedroom, and of course, shoes wherever you happen to keep those.
  • Use tension rods to hold items in place on shelves while driving.
  • Roll clothes rather than folding them, and use hangers like these to save space in your drawers and closets.
  • A hanging paper organizer is perfect for keeping all those important papers out of the way and easily accessible.

Maintaining Your RV Organization

These are some of the best storage ideas for small campers and large campers alike, and will definitely help you get your clutter under control. That said, even the very best tips and tricks won’t keep your camper organized after the initial cleanup.

This is where the following tips come into play:

  • Purge, purge, and then purge some more. Go through everything you’re bringing into your RV initially, and only keep what you absolutely need. After that, make a point of going through things every 6 months or so to pull out anything you no longer use or need. It also helps to be very picky about what you bring in between purges. Make sure each item is truly useful. The less stuff you have, the easier it’ll be to remain well organized and clutter-free.
  • Have an assigned place for everything. It might feel silly, but every single thing that enters your home-on-wheels must have an assigned place, no matter how small it may be. After all, something with no home can never truly be put away.
  • Clean daily. It can be tempting to put cleaning off at the end of a long day of fun. However, this is how clutter begins to build up. If you make a habit of going through the camper at the end of each day and putting everything in its proper place, you’ll never have an overwhelming amount to put away.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks help you get a handle on your RV organization and keep it under control so you can go on many happy clutter-free camping trips for years to come.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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