Generac RV Generator: Read This Before Buying or Fixing One


You’re likely going to want an RV generator when you’re on the road. From powering your coffee pot in the morning to running your air conditioner, there’s a lot your generator is responsible for when you’re not connected to shore power.

One popular type is the Generac RV generator. The portable Generac RV generators are a great choice for life on the road. Here’s what you need to know:

How much power do I need?

Choosing the power for a Generac RV generator requires just a little thought. You don’t want too much power, but you also don’t want so little that you have trouble powering your appliances. Air conditioners use the most power, and have different starting and running wattage requirements. Find out what yours needs and that will give you a starting point. You may want some extra wattage beyond that, however, for things like coffee makers and TVs. Fortunately, the Generac website has a power calculator. Just check off the appliances you think you’ll run and it will match you with Generac RV generators that best fit your needs.

What kind of fuel do I need?

RV generators run on the following three kinds of fuel:

  • Diesel – diesel burns cleaner than gasoline and produces more power than propane.
  • Liquid propane – compared to gas or diesel, propane produces 10% less power…but it also has a very long shelf life and won’t go bad even if you don’t run your generator for a year
  • Gasoline – gas is cheap, and can be found everywhere which is why it’s the most popular, and what you’ll use for a Generac RV generator. Just be aware that it’s highly flammable, and burns through quicker than other fuels.

Where will I store my generator?

Once you’ve started looking at portable generators, you should also look at how big they are. You’re going to need somewhere to put your generator while you travel and when you’re not using it. Planning all that out ahead of time can save you a lot of headaches when you’re finally ready to pack!

Where to find Generac RV generator parts

The Generac website is a great place to start if you need to find parts for your Generac RV generator. They also have customer support available to help you with problems you may have with your generator.

You can also purchase the generator itself through the Generac website, as well as through other online stores like Amazon and eBay. If you choose to buy the generator online, be sure to check the website’s policy on returns in case it doesn’t work out, and don’t forget to either make sure you have free shipping or that you’ve budgeted for that expense.

With a little research and preventative care, your Generac generator should be a reliable source of power for everything from your air conditioner to your radio, anytime you want to use those things!

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