How to Save the Earth by Full-Time RVing

Have you ever thought about full-time RVing? Going full-time on the road might just be the best thing you could ever do for yourself. If you’ve owned or traveled in an RV, chances are the thought of living in it full-time might have crossed your mind.

Today, we’ll give you reasons why you should be a full-time RVer. Because aside from traveling across the country, RVing can also let you save the planet. So instead of slacking in front of your TV, join us in discovering the wild and the unknown road. Find out how full-time RVing can be your best contribution to nature!

Folks, we’ve heard enough  talk about fossil fuels back in elementary. And we know that oil and gas pretty much lets us survive our daily lives. Consuming too much energy has its downsides too. Air pollution, thermal pollution, water pollution, global warming and so on. Now, we’ll let you in on how RVing transform our planet.

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Full-time RVing: Less Fossil Fuel Energy

If you’re a total nature lover, you should consider RVing for the long haul. That fact is that your total oil usage for a year living in an RV causes less harm to the planet than your annual electricity bill from a house. Living in an apartment or a house requires you to run heaters, air conditioners, and so on. If you have a demanding set of appliances, expect the highest kilowatts to appear on your bill. If you consume more energy than the average person, you are hurting Mother Earth again. And no one wants that, right? If you’re with me, let’s pack your bags and go full-time RVing!

Regular Driving vs. Full-time RVing

If you own a house as your static home and drive back and froth to work everyday, you are producing a large amount of pollution. Even if you only use your car to going to work that’s a lot of driving.  Remember, you drive from home to work and back to home.

Did you know that driving to work for a year, versus rolling across the country in an RV can actually equal more miles driven? When RVing, you generally travel and drive around the country in one direction. No turning back, and you can take things slow. With slow driving, you save on fuel usage. And this means you can run on the road for a longer time and don’t need to re-fill your tank as often.

BONUS: Full-Time RVing is CHEAPER Than Owning a House

Once you’ve settled on a new or used RV, you’re good to go. Trust us. You can survive on the road without paying anything for a mortgage for months and even years. The beauty of living full-time in an RV is that you can choose to spend very little on campground fees (try boondocking or seeking out less expensive public campgrounds) or you can spend a lot (at expensive resort style RV parks). Unlike living in a home, the cost per month is not fixed and you are in control of how much you spend.


Some businesses like Walmart, Cabela’s, and Cracker Barrel let you park overnight for free! All you have to do is ask customer service and they’ll let you pass out for the night. You can download apps that can help you find these locations nationwide.

So that’s how you can save and extend our planet’s life and save yourself some money too! Live your long-time dream to be a full-time RVer — rent out your apartment, sell your car, ditch the mobile plan, and let’s drive for the rest of our lives!

Feel free to share your own ways of saving the planet by RVing. We’ll be glad to share it with the rest of the RV fans too! Stay in love with RVing!

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