Fishing in Mississippi

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Bordering the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi is a famous fishing destination with both saltwater and freshwater fishing spots. It’s well known for its remarkable crappie fishing. With 119 freshwater public lakes and reefs off the coast, fishing Mississippi gives anglers of all skill levels the chance to explore and fish in the Southeast U.S. Aside from the scale-tipping catches, the mild climate keeps Mississippi ripe for fishing excursions year-round. And if you’re into inshore fishing, trips along the state’s coastal areas typically mean catches of redfish, flounder, and speckled trout. Just remember to purchase your Mississippi fishing license and read the current fishing regulations before you head out to know the bag limits and size limits that apply.

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Fishing Camping in Mississippi

Arkabutla Lake

Located in Hernando, Arkabutla Lake is famous for some of the best angling activities in the Southeast. Fishing and camping in Mississippi allow you to visit this lake, which is among the leading crappie fishing lakes in the U.S. It also boasts an abundance of white bass, largemouth, bream, and catfish. With ample bank fishing locations, an ADA accessible fishing pier, and eight boat-launching ramps, access to the lake couldn’t be made any easier or more fun. In addition to fishing, Arkabutla Lake has beautiful picnic areas, over 200 campsites, and multiple trails for biking and hiking. 

Neshoba County Lake

If bass fishing is your liking, then there’s no better place to be than Neshoba County Lake. Located in Neshoba County, southeast of Philadelphia, this 138-acre lake features heavy vegetation, thus fostering a healthy habitat and plenty of food sources for big bass. Other common fish species include bluegill, crappie, and channel catfish. The campground has 22 concrete pads with electrical, water, and sewer hookups. 

Grenada Lake

Located on the Skuna and Yalobusha Rivers in Grenada, Grenada Lake has something for every outdoor enthusiast, from fishing, boating, and skiing to swimming, picnicking, bird-watching, and much more. While here, you can’t miss passing by the Grenada Lake Visitor Center, which features exhibits about the lake and its natural resources. Home to trophy-size crappie, this 64,000-acre lake is an ideal place to introduce your kids to fishing. Apart from crappie, you’ll find bass, catfish, bream, and sunfish. Areas for fishing in the lake include banks at campgrounds and boat launch ramps, and you also get to enjoy fishing trip guides for bass, catfish, and crappie. 

Aberdeen Lake

Aberdeen Lake is situated in the northeast part of Mississippi in the city of Aberdeen. You can enjoy fishing from the fishing pier, a boat, or the bank at many access points in the lake. Crappie, bass, and catfish fishing are very popular in this 4,100-acre lake. As with many of Mississippi’s trout lakes, Aberdeen Lake is seasonally managed, whereby fishing opens at the end of April and continues through much of spring. Stocking dates typically fall in April and May. 

Lake Tangipahoa

Nestled within Mississippi’s Capital River region in Percy Quin State Park, Lake Tangipahoa is a freshwater lake perfect for fishing and water sports. This 700-acre lake is stocked with bream, catfish, bass, and crappie. The lake also comes with a fish-cleaning station that features filet boards and stainless-steel sinks. Night fishing is permitted from the shore, but you can only use trolling motors or idle speed while boating.

Sardis Lake

Located on the Tallahatchie River five miles north of Clayton, Sardis Lake is known for its fishing spots and sand beaches. With 117 miles of picturesque southeastern Mississippi shoreline, the lake offers many outdoor recreation activities, including boating and waterskiing. Although the stocked lake is most famous for producing some of Mississippi’s biggest bass, you can also catch other species, including threadfin shad, bluegill, and blue catfish. Some good fishing spots to catch crappie are Holiday Lodge, Clear Creek, Thompson Creek, and Engineer Point. This 14,000-acre bass factory features several boat ramps for launching both fishing boats and pleasure boats. 

Ross Barnett Reservoir

Situated on the Pearl River in Rankin County, Ross Barnett Reservoir creates a harbor for various outdoor adventures and endless hours of pleasure. If you’ve been wondering where to fish in Mississippi, then you have the chance to participate in fishing tournaments and weekend regattas held at the reservoir. Besides fishing, this 33,000-acre reservoir serves as Mississippi’s largest drinking-water resource. Popular species here for anglers are bass and crappie. During the late summer months, you can look for schooling shad on the main lake. 

Fishing Spots in Mississippi

From saltwater angling off the Gulf Coast to freshwater fishing in state and public lakes, fishing in Mississippi presents endless excitement for anglers. Accessible from 10 different states, the Mississippi River has dozens of shore-fishing spots and boat launches. The river is a notable catfishing ground, and you can expect to see enormous catfish during fall. Chotard and Albemarle lakes are also no-brainers when it comes to angling in the early summer season. Bass, perch, gar, and many other species will be your primary targets in these pristine lakes. And if you’re into lunker largemouths, give Eagle Lake a go during late summer. 

Camping and Fishing in Mississippi

As you prepare for your fishing trip in Mississippi, remember to pack a hat for protection from the sun and an extra pair of socks for backup. And, of course, you don’t want to leave your camera behind to capture your prize catch.

As for fishing equipment, always pack reels, lines, and rods that match the type of fishing you’re going to do. In addition to your fishing rod, bring along several spools of line, a series of hooks, sinkers, and swivels. You can also bring an ice chest to keep the fish you catch cool. 

If you’re going river fishing, you need to know where the fish will seek refuge from predators and currents. Consider calm areas with stumps and vegetation or rock piles. Some of the techniques to use for river fishing include upstream casting, bottom bouncing, and river jigging. Before you head out on your trip, check out our blog for all you need to know about fishing.

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