Fishing in Hawaii

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Found in the Central Pacific Ocean region, Hawaii is a volcanic archipelago perfect for fishing. Besides the surf and ocean fishing, there is a lot to challenge the freshwater angling enthusiasts. Whether you want to chase a giant marlin in deep offshore waters or you are after the serenity of fly fishing in freshwater streams and lakes, the state has something for everybody. Fishing is deeply rooted in Hawaiian tradition and culture, and many of the state’s residents depend on these bountiful waters to earn a living. The local people are welcoming of visitors, but they require you to observe local fishing regulations to ensure the conservation of fish stocks. Shoreline, surf, and boat fishing using a pole in Hawaii’s saltwater fishing spots do not require a license. However, a license for freshwater game fishing is a legal requirement while fishing in freshwater areas. Below are the top six fishing spots that you must visit during your vacation in Hawaii.

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Fishing Spots in Hawaii

Lake Wilson

Lake Wilson, also known as Wahiawa Reservoir, is the only freshwater fishing spot in Oahu, Hawaii. This 400-acre reservoir offers spectacular freshwater fishing. Besides the famous peacock bass, you will find other fish species here, including the red devil, channel catfish, bluegill, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, snakehead, and tilapia. The ideal time for catching peacock bass is between April and October. Although temperatures remain pretty constant, there is a lot of rain, thunderstorms, and winds during spring and winter. Camping is not allowed here, but there are numerous locations nearby that offer affordable accommodation and lodging.

Nawiliwili Harbor

Located just 1.5 miles southeast of Lihue, Nawiliwili Harbor is a perfect answer to where to fish in Hawaii. This spot boasts a sport-fishing fleet and yacht club as well as numerous pier fishing opportunities. You need to hire a charter for ocean fishing. Many fishing charters depart from the harbor, most wandering with lures instead of live bait. The waters get deep quickly, so you will waste less fishing time by cruising to fishing areas. Some captains might opt to take you further out to fishing grounds to find specific fish species. Marlin, ahi, mahi-mahi, and ono are some of the deep-water fish species that you can catch in this area.

Ka’ena Point State Park

Ka’ena Point, located on the island of Oahu, is among the good fishing spots in Hawaii. Thanks to the ocean drop-off at the spot’s rocky point, Ka’ena Point is an exciting destination for saltwater fishing enthusiasts. Here, you can try big-game fishing that’s reserved for sport-fishing charters. Some of the fish species you can encounter here include barracuda, Ulua, swordfish, and sharks. To access Ka’ena Point, you can hike or use a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

Waiakea Pond

Located near Hilo, Big Island, Waiakea Pond is a top-rated fishing spot that you cannot miss during your Hawaii vacation. As the biggest natural lake on the Big Island, this 25-acre pond offers anglers a fascinating mixture of types of fishing. It’s conveniently located close to Hilo and Hilo Airport. The facilities are exceptional here, with picnic tables, restrooms, and a boat ramp, but camping is not permitted. The pond gets fed by numerous freshwater springs that connect to Wailoa Stream, which directs excess water into the ocean at Hilo Bay. The pond is home to saltwater fish species such as Ulua, mullet, and aholehole, although the authorities limit catches to 20 fish.

Makena Landing

Located on Maui, Makena Landing is a favorite fishing destination for both visitors and locals. Despite its comparatively small sandy beach, this spot offers some of the best fishing opportunities in Hawaii, especially for kayak anglers. Once you get in the water, there are lots of big-game fish to challenge you. Mahi-mahi and marlin are aggressive enough to rip your line out. When kayaking, take care and ensure you have your guard up because shark attacks sometimes occur. There are good facilities at Makena Landing Park, including ample parking, restrooms, showers, and a greenery barbecue area. Although there are no campgrounds here, you will find plenty of good hotels nearby.

The Waialua Bay Pier

If you are into pier fishing, then a trip to Waialua Bay Pier is a must. It’s found in the Halawei Alli Beach Park, and local anglers come from all around to fish the pier. Some of the fish species that you can land here include goatfish, Papio, Ulua, bass, and barracuda.

Where to Fish in Hawaii

Oahu is one of the best islands to go fishing and camping in Hawaii. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and are searching for something tranquil, Oahu is the perfect destination for you; it has thousands of good fishing spots. Besides, the climate is wonderful, the scenery is fantastic, and the fish are big.

Oahu is not the only option. The Big Island offers some of the best deep-sea fishing in Hawaii. You can catch various types of big-game fish in the deep waters around Kona, including blue marlin, striped marlin, black marlin, and sailfish. Mahi-mahi, tuna, and ono are some of the smaller fish you can land here.

Camping and Fishing in Hawaii

Before you go camping and fishing in Hawaii, ensure that you check the day’s weather forecast. Although Hawaii has consistently perfect fishing weather throughout the year, strong ocean currents and unpredictably big ocean swells can make certain spots dangerous. Also, familiarizing yourself with local regions before you cast your line is essential. Besides, making sure that you have the proper fishing license is vital to avoid fines or tickets. Before you head out on your trip, check out our blog for all you need to know about fishing.

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