Fishing in Delaware

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Vacation cannot get much better than casting a line and getting a great catch while enjoying Delaware’s stunning scenery. Visit Delaware’s quaint villages’ native ponds like Killens Pond or sail around the Delaware Bay to identify good fishing spots in Delaware on your own. Whether you’re a proficient angler or a total newbie to fishing, Delaware has plenty of sites to catch fish. To ensure your fishing experience goes smoothly, make sure you have a valid fishing license in Delaware. In addition, recreational fishers must have a Delaware-issued Fisherman Information Network (FIN) number, which generates automatically when you purchase a fishing license.

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Fishing Spots in Delaware

Killens Pond

Found in Killens Pond State Park, Kent County, Killens Pond is one of the best fishing spots in Delaware. This pond covers 66 acres, so it doesn’t become overcrowded. Killens Pond offers plenty of largemouth bass and a wide variety of gamefish. This site features Delaware’s top three fishing ponds and boasts the highest catch per fishing hour. Other fish species you can catch here include catfish, perch, carp, bluegill, crappie, and pickerel.

Augustine Beach

Situated off beautiful Route 9, where Delaware River and Bay converge, Augustine Beach is one of the top-rated spots where you can enjoy surf fishing in northern Delaware. It’s also a renowned spot to fish by kayak or boat. Augustine Beach is a perfect place to find striped bass, particularly during the spring and fall migrations. You can also encounter other fish species, including white perch and catfish.

Indian River Marina

Indian River Marina is situated in the Delaware Seashore State Park. In the east, it lies next to the Atlantic Ocean and next to Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Bay in the west. Its location is a few minutes away from the ocean and inland bays, becoming one of the finest fishing spots on the East Coast. The Indian River Marina features one of the largest charter boat fleets in Delaware. Here, you can enjoy inshore and offshore fishing. A wide variety of fish species is available for you to catch, including yellowfin tuna, wahoo, tautog, white marlin, striped bass, bluefish, croaker, sea bass, and more.

3R’s Beach

You will find 3R’s Beach on the south part of the Indian River Inlet in Delaware Seashore State Park, and it’s easily accessible from Route 1. This sandy beach provides adequate space for surf anglers. The solid Atlantic current, which constantly rolls into the inlet, makes 3R’s Beach one of Delaware’s good fishing spots for Atlantic striped bass.

Reedy Point

Reedy Point is the point at which Delaware Canal and Chesapeake meet with the Delaware River. This spot is known for striped bass, but you can also catch catfish, carp, and white perch. Located off Delaware’s Bayshore Byway, this fishing spot offers spectacular views and sunsets.

Brandywine Creek

Located close to Wilmington, Delaware’s largest city, Brandywine Creek is a prime fishing spot in Brandywine Creek State Park. This stunning park covers 933 acres of pristine forest and marshland and has two nature preserves: Tulip Tree Woods and Freshwater Marsh. You can easily access the Brandywine Creek bankside fishing spots through numerous well-preserved park trails, making it one of the top-rated fishing destinations in Delaware. Hire a kayak if you want to fish on the water. You can successfully hook fish species like smallmouth bass, bluegill, and crappie.

Beck’s Pond

Located in New Castle County, Beck’s Pond is a great fishing spot in Delaware. The largemouth bass is the main attraction that draws visitors and resident anglers. Some of the other fish species you can land here include white crappie, black crappie, largemouth bass, bluegill, and yellow perch.

Bellevue State Park

If you’re searching for a place to take your children fishing, Bellevue State Park is the perfect destination in Delaware. Located near Wilmington, this spot has a big catch-and-release pond stocked with catfish, bass, and sunfish. The park holds a three-hour “Intro to Fishing” class that trains beginners on all the fishing basics. Both experienced anglers and newbies might want to check out the location’s fishing camp, which offers an exceptional experience that involves visiting different fishing spots every day. Campers can learn about fly-fishing, saltwater and freshwater fishing, fishing ethics, fishing techniques, and fishing safety.

Where to Fish in Delaware

When planning where to fish in Delaware, start with Delaware state parks. These parks offer saltwater, freshwater, and offshore fishing, as well as crabbing and clamming. Delaware state parks also feature a wide variety of natural areas where you can enjoy stunning ocean beaches, rolling hills, inland ponds, and piedmont streams.

Camping and Fishing in Delaware

Before you head out for fishing and camping in Delaware, make sure you have a valid fishing license, a fishing rod and reel, fish hooks, and enough fishing lures. In addition, get the right fishing gear that is sized appropriately to the fish you are targeting. Also, ensure that your freezer has enough space for your expected catch and that you have the proper preservation containers.

Delaware offers numerous choices for anglers, irrespective of the fish species they anticipate catching. Most fishing spots in Delaware have stunning and diverse scenery, and whether you’re a committed angler or you just fish occasionally, Delaware has something for everyone. Before you head out on your trip, check out our blog for all you need to know about fishing. It’s filled with valuable tips that will enhance your fishing experience.

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