Ex-Military Motorhome Offers Off Road Action

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Astrid Eisheuer and Sven Gruse are serious about RVing. In fact, they are so serious they decided to convert a Steyr 680 passenger transport into a rolling home for their once in a lifetime around the world trip.  The Steyr 680 was an integral part of the Austrian Army from 1960-2007 before it was replaced by Unimogs. Astrid and Sven decided it was the perfect vehicle to take them everywhere they wanted to travel.

On their website, Right Beyond the Horizon, you can follow their adventures (that is, if you read German!). They have currently traveled through Russia, Myanmar, and Nepal just to name a few.

What do you think?  Would you consider converting a former army rig as a Motorhome? Why or why not? Add your comments in the below and tell us what you think!