Dometic RV Refrigerator – Don’t Buy One Until You Read This!

Published on September 13th, 2019

One of the best parts of RV camping is that you can bring along and prepare exactly the food you like, when you’d like it. But just like at home, an important part of that equation is keeping your food cold and safe to eat. You need a good fridge. While there may be a few exceptions, most of the time you can’t simply put a residential refrigerator in your RV. You need a specially-made RV fridge. Your home refrigerator uses a compressor, while an RV fridge is an absorption fridge. It uses heat and a combination of ammonia, hydrogen gas, and water. The heat is produced by electricity from shore power or a generator – most modern refrigerators will switch automatically over to using LP gas to run so you don’t have to remember to flip the switch and your fridge stays cold.

What to consider when buying a Dometic RV refrigerator

You’ll want to consider a few things when you purchase a fridge. First, you need to know how much room you have. Measure the spot where you want your fridge carefully so you know the size you’d like. You’ll also want to consider what you’ll be using it for. A large family that likes to cook on their own is going to have very different needs than a party of one or two that like to eat out a lot. 

There are two main companies that specialize in RV fridges – you can get a Norcold or a Dometic RV fridge. Most RV forums agree that both are similar and you can find a quality fridge from either company. If you find a Dometic RV refrigerator for sale, or go with the Norcold RV fridge, you’ll be in good hands. 


Where to find Dometic RV refrigerators

You can, of course, talk to your RV dealer and get a refrigerator that way. You can also purchase them directly from the manufacturer via their website. Dometic RV refrigerators can even be purchased from Amazon and other online retailers. Finally, you can look for a used Dometic RV refrigerator online or get advice in RV forums. 

Best rated Dometic RV fridges

If you’re looking for a Dometic RV refrigerator, here are some that get great reviews.

  1. Dometic RV Refrigerator 9 Series – reviewers like that these fridges are compact but allow for plenty of refrigerator space. They also operate quietly. 
  2. The Dometic RM2193 gets high marks as a mini compact 3-way refrigerator with a reliable, quiet cooling system, a sturdy frame, and adjustable shelves. 
  3. Dometic DM2652RB Americana 2-way Double Door RV Refrigerators also topped lists for their solid steel frame construction, user-friendly electric controls, and securely locking doors to keep your food safe on the road.
  4. One reviewer called the Dometic CFX-28US Portable RV fridge “the Michael Jordan of RV refrigeration.” The CFX series comes in six different sizes and at various price points, from 26 to 94.5 liter capacities. 

Regardless of whether you need a small fridge for infrequent weekend trips in your motor home, or a larger one to hold food while you’re living in your RV, there’s one out there to suit you!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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